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Holly Myers lead dog training Knoxville TN

Holly Myers
A Heart for Dogs

Some dog trainers are made; others are born.  Her whole life long, Holly’s been one of those folks who have always “had a way” with dogs.  It’s natural, it’s instinctive, and it has formed the basis of her life’s work.  As she says, “Ever since I was a little girl, it’s just always been easy for me to understand how a dog’s world works.”

Her passion for dogs led her to a leadership role with the Wolf Creek Weimaraner Rescue group.  She’s been a member of the organization for the past 12 years, and has served as a Board member since 2003.  She realized that she had a gift for ministering to dogs in need, working with them so that they’d e easier to place in permanent homes.  She had an intuitive way of putting packs together, combining different dogs in groupings that allowed them to function well without conflict.

Three years ago, Holly realized the fulfillment of a life-long dream when she opened AllDogs Canine Care Center.  This place, and everything in it, is a reflection of the commitment she has for the wellbeing of dogs.  As owner and trainer, she has a daily hands-on role that allows her to constantly ensure that the strict standards she’s set are being met.

You may see her anywhere and everywhere, from supervising kennel cleaning to romping with the play campers to answering the phone at the desk in the lobby.  But she’s probably never more content than when she’s focused on helping a dog struggling to overcome a problem behavior.  She finds a way to reach even the most difficult cases, oftentimes almost miraculously reshaping behavior that has been ingrained for many years.

She brings the energy, attitude, and know-how that produce real and lasting results.  Simply put, she fixes dogs.

Dog trainering Knoxville TN

By making the life-long investment in training, you are helping your dog develop into a loyal, obedient, and well-mannered companion. Training your dog by establishing trust and respect can also overcome and prevent a wide variety of behavior problems. Graduates of the AllDogs training program are—without exception—the kind of well-behaved dogs that other people say are a pleasure to be with and have around.

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It’s all about positives and negatives.  At AllDogs, we work to create and reinforce good habits, teaching you how to motivate your dog with praise and rewards.  We also teach you how to disrupt and do away with undesirable behavior your dog may be exhibiting, by using natural methods that employ gentle but firm correction. In order to accomplish this, only three things are necessary, according to Holly:  a leash, a treat, and a dog owner willing to practice unwavering consistency.  “If there’s a ‘secret,’ that’s it,” she says.  “We don’t use clickers, and we never use harsh methods involving shock collars.  It’s all about the time and effort the dog owner is willing to devote.  If they will dedicate themselves to consistently using the tools and training methods we provide, there’s virtually no type of unwanted behavior that can’t be eliminated—regardless of the history or severity of the problem.”

Dog Training Commitments to your pets

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Once again, there’s a significant difference between the way other dog training programs work and the AllDogs approach.  It starts with teaching dog owners how to get inside the mind of their dog.  With a basic understanding of “how a dog works,” the training techniques and methods suddenly make sense.  You don’t just learn how to do something; you are able to clearly comprehend just why it works.  You are in tune with your dog in a way you never have been before. Dogs want and need to be part of a “pack;” it’s just the way they’re programmed.  In the wild, that pack has a leader—usually the strongest, most dominant dog in the group.  In your home, YOU must become the pack leader.  Your job is to provide the structure, boundaries, and leadership your dog needs in order to be secure, relaxed, and happy.  If those roles have inadvertently become reversed, don’t worry; Holly can help you set things right.

Holly teaches a dog owner how to train his dog
Many years of experiences have taught Holly how to evaluate dogs and their owners.  Certain breeds have characteristics that make them more inclined to specific behaviors—some good, and some not-so-good.  Depending upon everything from the environment in which they’ve been raised to their intelligence to their temperament to their age, individual dogs exhibit traits that can prove helpful or problematic.  And owners vary just as widely.  Some are robust, outgoing types with plenty of high energy; others are naturally more hesitant, shy or just not as physically confident.  Your initial assessment at AllDogs takes all that into account.  Holly will customize a training program to reflect your needs and limitations, as well as those of your dog.  The result?  A dog training regimen that works for you both.

dog training tipsIs your dog barking over & over again at the same object, person, situation or place? Than you need to take control & claim that stimulus as your own. Use your body, your mind and your calm assertive energy to create an invisible line that your dog is not allowed to cross. Do it with 100% dedication, commitment & focus, and the results will surprise you.

Proven Dog Training Techniques taught in our state of the art facility

Dog Training Sevierville TN

All dogs are trainable; however they do not all respond equally to the same methods of training. The main training method used is positive reinforcement; however not all dogs train the same so occasionally other techniques are used depending on what the particular dog responds best to. Thru our unique multi-method training we will find the method that best suits your dogs needs and can ensure the best results for you and your dog.

Group Dog Training Class
Group Training Classes are held weekly at AllDogs Canine Care Center; one-hour sessions are typically held over a seven-week period- though longer training programs are available. The two of you (you & your dog) will have “homework” assignments to complete between our weekly training sessions, and your dog’s progress depends upon the time and effort you devote to completing them. The classes are designed not only for training but also for the socialization of your dog.

Long Lasting results from our obedience training

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Your decision to help train your dog is a real commitment, but the results you’ll start to see will more than justify the hours you spend to make it happen. By the time you and your dog have complete an AllDogs training program, you’ll be amazed at the difference you see in your pet. You’ll have a happy and obedient dog that remains calm, focused, and well-behaved in a wide variety of settings and circumstances.

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The AllDogs Canine Care Center provides an ideal environment for dog training. We offer a safe and distraction-free area in which to enjoy learning together. Our puppy classes are limited to 12 participants, with a maximum of 10 dogs in the adult training sessions. These restricted numbers allow for plenty of one-on-one time for me to work individually with you and your dog.

Our 2017 Pet Training Schedule

March 7 - March 28
April 4 - April 25
May 2 - May 23
May 30 - June 20
August 1 -August 22

Puppy Class at 6:00 pm - 4 weeks long, one hour long at $100.00
Mon July 10th - July 31st

Basic Obedience at 6:00 pm - 4 weeks long, one hour long, @ $150.00
Wed July 12th - Aug 2nd
These classes are at AllDogs.

Vaccine & Age requirements must be met

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AllDogs Canine Dog Training Classes


Dog Training Prices and Options

In order to be responsive to you and your dog’s needs, we offer a wide variety of dog training options to choose from. Please feel free to call me to schedule a pre-training consultation. We will discuss which program is best for you and your dog. Pricing varies according to which program you choose and the extent of training needed.

Dog Training Services

Group Classes
(Puppy Kindergarten & Adult Basic Obedience)
Advanced obedience for adult dogs
Fun & tricks class
Problem Solving
Booster sessions to reinforce previous
One-on-One sessions
In-home Training
Residency Program (Ask for Details)

AllDogs Pet Training Classes

Ask Holly

Holly answers dog training questions

I’m a bit confused.  How does training differ from behavior modification?
Training refers to teaching your dog what I think of as “good manners.”  This means instructing your dog to follow basic commands such as sit, stay, come, heel, etc.  All the things your dog needs to be able to do to stay safe and be a good companion—on a walk, around other people, and around other dogs.  Behavior modification, on the other hand, involves correcting a problem behavior.  This could be anything from chewing up the furniture as a manifestation of separation anxiety to the type of serious aggression that actually poses a risk to people or other dogs.  The good news is that, no matter how out-of-control he or she is, I can teach you how to help your dog leave that unwanted behavior behind—for good!

I’m a busy person.  I love my dog, but what if I don’t have the time to devote to this process?
We offer a “residential” dog training program that’s tailor-made for busy dog owners.  I will work intensively with your dog, one-on-one, to provide a comprehensive foundation of either basic training or behavior modification.  Once that’s been established, I share with you a condensed version of the training methods I’ve used with your dog—teaching you how to provide the discipline and the rewards that are going to reinforce the desired behavior.  I can also be available to come to your home, to help train your dog in the environment he or she is most comfortable in.

How can I be sure all this is going to work?  I want to know if I can expect a return on my investment of time and money.
First of all, you will accomplish more with your dog in four weeks here at AllDogs than you would with most other dog trainers in eight weeks.  I will teach you how to have confidence in yourself as a trainer, and how to have confidence in your dog—that he or she can be trusted to do what you’ve asked.  We immerse ourselves in a very concentrated, intensive training experience.  Bottom line?  For less time invested, you’re receiving “more bang for your buck.”  Speaking of which, we guarantee our services for one year.  If your dog experiences any setbacks in terms of unwanted behavior, I am here to help you.  Call me for a telephone consultation or bring your dog back here for a refresher session, at no additional charge.  And by all means, feel free to contact me if something new arises.  The main thing is, I want to help you help your dog.  These things do take time, and eliminating problem behaviors requires an ongoing commitment on your part.  But I’m here to provide you with the advice and support you need.  Period.

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