5 Things to know before Booking your Dog’s next Staycation

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Finding a caring place to leave you furry family member can be challenging. You want to make sure your beloved pet is well taken care of while you are away, and ensure they stay in a clean facility. Research reputable canine care facilities in your community and inquire about their practices. Consider things such as cleanliness, proper nourishment, and the staff is friendly and has prior experience handling pups like yours. The canine care center in Jefferson City, AllDogs Canine Care Center, is sharing five things to know before booking your dog’s staycation, so you can relax while you are away knowing your furry pal is safe.

  1. Recommendations

From your neighbor to family members and friends, nothing is better than a recommendation from a trusted source. Reach out to your local veterinarian, animal shelter, or certified dog trainer and get their input about reputable dog boarding businesses in your community. The internet is also a source of information from the business’s website to their social media platforms. You can learn about the company by reading reviews from previous customers. The reviews can provide inside details about your possible experience but try not to make a final decision based on the reviews.

  1. Take a Tour of the Facility

In most cases, a kennel will welcome you to their facility for a tour. Meeting the staff can help determine if they are friendly and knowledgeable. At your request, most canine care facilities in Morristown will allow you to explore the outdoor play areas and the size of the kennels. While in the building, take note of the cleanliness of the facility, including air quality. A dirty building could indicate an unpleasant experience, so be thorough during your visit to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for your furry friend.

While touring, observe the other dogs and see how they react to you and your dog. Dogs that are happy and wagging their tails while barking without showing aggression show they are well cared for in the owner’s absence. AllDogs Canine Care Center welcomes a behind-the-scenes tour with your pet so that you can examine our facilities. Be cautious if a canine care center refuses to show you the area where your pet will stay. It is better to find another location for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

  1. Vaccination Requirements

When contacting or visiting a doggie daycare in Morristown, it is critical to request information about their vaccination requirements to board a pet. A well-run center will require guests to have current vaccination and shot records before their visit — heed a warning about centers who do not request any vaccination information. Leaving your beloved pet at a place where vaccinations are not required could potentially put your dog at risk for developing health complications.

  1. Playtime or Socialization with Other Dogs

Most dogs love to run and play with each other in a social setting. The care center you choose should allow outdoor play with other dogs of the same size and energy level if your pup is a social dog. However, if your furry pal prefers more one-on-one human connection, the fun-loving staff at AllDogs is happy to provide stimulation and exercise. Dogs need attention, and an experienced dog care staff in Jefferson City can provide the activity and care your pet needs. If a center does not have the space for active play or discourages socializing with other dogs, beware of leaving your pal.

  1. Reserve Your Stay Early

Choose the professional canine care center in Morristown that best meets your needs and where you feel safe leaving your furry friend. Try to book your staycation early to avoid possible unavailability during high boarding seasons. To help acclimate your dog to our Morristown canine care facility, we recommend you board your dog with us overnight or for a daycare visit before a long-term stay.

Canine Care Center in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

With some research and asking a few questions, you can feel comfortable leaving your furry family pet in caring hands. By following the above tips and relying on your instinct, finding a friendly staff for dog care in Jefferson City like AllDogs Canine Care Center can be simple. For your convenience, we allow pick up and drop off 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including holidays. Call AllDogs Canine Care Center at (865) 475-2225 or book a staycation online today!