Benefits of Doggy Daycare

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Dogs are excellent companions, and they provide their humans with devotion and love that is unconditional. But they have needs as a species that can occasionally be very difficult for humans to fulfill. As extremely social animals, dogs need company, and if their humans have to spend significant stretches of time out of the house (such as when at work), dogs can find this distressing. Their dismay can cause them to do things they would not ordinarily do, such as rummaging through the house, destroying things (a dog eating shoes is a well-known example), or even having accidents. At the very least, they can be sad, which can be heartbreaking for their humans. Likewise, dogs need regular exercise, and sometimes humans cannot find the appropriate amount of time to give it to them. Depending on the breed, insufficient exercise can cause hyperactive dogs to run through the house to let out their energy, or it could lead to digestive issues, overeating and weight gain, and difficulty moving for larger, older, and calmer dogs.

For humans who want the best for their four-legged friends, it might be very helpful for both dog and person to investigate dog daycare. What are some of the advantages?

Attention and socialization 

At a dog daycare, dogs get the attention and companionship they crave. This companionship can be both human and canine: for dogs that are well-socialized, a dog daycare can give them hours of play with their canine friends in a safe environment. Others that are less social can enjoy time with kind, attentive humans to drive away any loneliness. For those who are not socialized with other dogs but seem interested, doggy daycare gives them the opportunity to spend time with other dogs to learn how to act around them, which can be a blessing for humans who have come to dread meeting other dogs while on a walk.

Help with separation anxiety

Younger dogs, especially, have a tendency to develop separation anxiety, since they can associate the time their human departs with hours of loneliness. This can cause them to howl, whine, and bark any time a human leaves the room, which can be hard for their humans.

Dogs in daycare can learn that the occasional absence of their humans need not always be so stressful, which can be greatly beneficial to both humans and dogs.


Whether with other dogs or human staff, dog daycare will ensure that a dog gets a good amount of exercise in a safe environment. This can make for a happier home life for a small, energetic, and often young dog, who will no longer need to seek exercise by terrorizing the house, and for older dogs, this will get them up and moving, which may help them lose weight and enjoy other health benefits. This is especially valuable during cold, rainy months when neither human nor dog wants to go outside to get the workout the dog needs. Even better, over time with the dog, the staff can discover what sorts of activities the dog likes best and can share those insights with the dog’s human so he or she can make the most of exercise time at home.

Peace of mind

For humans who arrive home exhausted from work only to find their dog has torn apart the house, cleaning up the mess is a hassle no one wants. Since dog daycare gives the dog time away from the house in a place where they are protected, cared for, and can play, it can be a huge blessing.

Moreover, sometimes humans need to have their dogs out of the house or confined in it, especially for things like home repairs, fumigation, and the like. Leaving the dog outside, especially if they are not used to it, or crating the dog, can lead to intense distress in the dog, who will often find an outlet in loud and incessant barking and whining; this can, in turn, lead to intense distress in the human. Having a safe place for the dog to go can be a lifesaver under these circumstances.

AllDogs Canine Care Center provides doggy daycare to humans and dogs in the Jefferson City area. They cater to dogs who love hanging out with other dogs as well as dogs who prefer human attention. For more information, call (865) 262-8310, or email