What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Facility

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A new year is here, so that means you’ve refreshed the vacation time at your job. Before you take your next getaway, if you’re a dog owner, determining care for your beloved pooch – or pooches – is part of the vacation planning process. We know that your dog is a member of your family. We also know you don’t want to trust their care to just anyone. That’s why, if you’re boarding your dog while you are out of town, it is important to find the right facility. We explore that topic, today on the blog, by listing things to look for when choosing a boarding facility.

Reviewing their accommodations

First and foremost, you want to see the space where your dog will be staying. Are they going to be confined to a crate in a kennel, or have an indoor/outdoor run? At AllDogs, we have our kennels placed strategically so that your dog has a private space that is out of the line of sight of its neighbors. This design lessens any anxiety and aggression for your dog from seeing a dog they do not know. Each kennel has a comfortable bed and is climate controlled, with private access to a large outdoor space that your dog can go to at their discretion.


You make sure that your dog receives care, love and playtime each day. You want the same thing if your pooch is staying elsewhere. Our facility includes eight separate play areas, with one private space for dogs that do not get along well with other canines.

Quality of care

Our staff strives to look after our four-legged residents with care and affection. When your dog is at AllDogs Canine Care Center, your dog is “our” dog and will be treated that way. We also have one of our trained pet care technicians on duty, on site, at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. As part of our commitment to the health and safety of all of our client canines, we require any dogs at our facility to be up to date on vaccinations and have a Bordetella booster within the prior six months. We also have a local veterinarian available to provide emergency care if necessary.

Making sure our dog is comfortable

We believe our acclimation policy sets apart our facility from other businesses that offer dog boarding services. Whether you are wanting to board your dog or send them to our daytime PlayCare or PlayCamp, any new guests are required to visit our facility for an acclimation experience. This familiarizes your dog with our facility, our staff and makes sure the dog can have a positive experience. We prefer to schedule these acclimation days Monday to Thursday but can work with anyone’s schedule.

We also do not accept dogs who are:

  • In heat
  • Aggressive
  • Excessive barkers
  • Recovering from a recent surgery, unless our manager approves their stay

Dog boarding in Jefferson City and Morristown in Tennessee

We’ll treat your dog like family during your next getaway. To learn more about our dog boarding services or schedule your acclimation period, call (865) 475-2225 or use our convenient new online form to build a stay for your four-legged friend.