Why choose our PlayCamp?

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Because your dog really, really wants you to.

Your dog’s favorite place to be is home with you. But sometimes, we have to go places where our four-legged friends can’t tag along. You don’t need to feel guilty or spend your day worrying about your pup being sad or bored at home alone. Our Jefferson City dog care experts at All Dogs Canine Care Center have the perfect option for both of you: PlayCamp! It’s your canine companion’s home-away-from-home — a place to play, meet new friends and learn beneficial social skills.


Being able to socialize with other dogs is an important part of having a well-rounded, balanced dog. PlayCamp uses play as a unique and natural training tool for dogs. Our Morristown doggie daycare experts separate our guests into play packs based on size, age, and temperament. In supervised play areas, dogs learn important social skills through natural interaction and play, leading them to be happier and more balanced canine companions. If your doggo isn’t spayed/neutered or isn’t keen on interacting with other dogs, then our Doggie PlayCare is the perfect playtime program. PlayCare is for one-on-one interaction with humans, with lots of individualized love and belly rubs.

Peace of mind

At AllDogs, we treat your dog as our own. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff loves spending quality time with your pet, providing a full day of supervised play and relaxation. Our Jefferson City daycare provides all the comforts of home, featuring a climate-controlled facility, six separate outdoor play/potty areas, and a private outdoor veranda. We offer convenient, 24/7 drop-off and pick-up for both PlayCamp and PlayCare. To make sure everyone has a fun day of play and goes home clean, safe and happy, we require temperament checks prior to your dog’s stay and up-to-date vaccinations. We’ll also check to make sure your pet is free of fleas. At the end of a day at PlayCamp or PlayCare in our fun and safe Johnson City doggie daycare, your doggo will have spent quality, supervised time socializing and relaxing with playmates just his/her size and speed. And you’ll be taking home a tired — but happy — pooch.

Doggie Daycare in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

At AllDogs Canine Care Center, we treat your pets like they’re our own. No need to worry about your pup being bored at home alone. We make it easy: just drop your companion off with us on the way to work in the morning, then pick him or her up when you’re on your way home. Your doggo will enjoy a fulfilling day, full of exercise, socialization, and relaxation. Call us at (865) 262-8310 to schedule an appointment. We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year