3 Reasons to Board your Dog for the Holidays

board dogs for the holiday

board dogs for the holidayMorristown, TN

The holidays can be an exciting yet busy time of year for everyone. With a hectic schedule filled with holiday concerts, parties, and shopping, the hustle and bustle can interfere with the proper care for a pet. Also, the holiday festivities and excitement may be too much to handle for your furry friend, or maybe you are going out of town for the holidays. Either way, your best solution for your sanity and the health of your pet is to choose a dog boarding facility in Morristown. Find out three reasons why you should board your dog for the holidays at AllDogs Canine Care Center.

The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

  1. Reduce Stress

When preparing your home for the holiday season and guests, there are several things that need to be done before the date of the event. Cleaning the house, cooking, and decking the halls with boughs of holly can cause a crowded environment. Add your pet into the mix, and it can be too much. Therefore, bring your dog to AllDogs for a day or two so you can complete your To-Do list, and your pal will have a fun-filled mini-vacation in a comfortable environment. Then, you can rest easy knowing your dog will be well taken care of in a clean, safe, and warm area.

  1. Traveling Can Cause Sick or Runaway Pets

Although taking your pet with you during the holidays can be an attractive opportunity, the trip can turn into a nightmare if your pet gets sick or gets loose from its leash. In addition, long car rides can scare your pet, cause anxiety, or even make them sick. When it comes to flying, it can be expensive for airplane transport. Also, many hotels and some homeowners do not allow pets. Bringing your pet to our dog boarding facility near Jefferson City will ensure your pet stays healthy and happy with our round the clock care by a trained pet care technician.

  1. Professional Care

Asking a friend or neighbor to help take care of your pet in your absence can seem like a good idea. However, dogs often use your absence as an easy way to escape and can run off on an unsuspecting neighbor or friend. With our highly trained staff, we make sure that your dog is not only secure, but that the proper nutrition, exercise, medications (if necessary), and even playtime are provided for your fuzzy family member twenty-four hours a day.

During the holiday season, there are more activities on our calendars than at any other time of year. When we get busy and stressed, so do our pets. Give your dog a retreat and let them enjoy the holidays in a fun, stimulating environment. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, where we treat your dog as “our dog,” you can rest assured that your dog will be loved and well cared for in your absence.

With the fast approach of the holidays, we are quickly filling slots. Avoid the holiday rush and book a dog boarding slot by calling us today at (865) 475-2225 to book your pet’s stay. Ask us about our doggie cam so that you can keep a close eye on your pup while you are enjoying your holiday celebration. Also, feel free to visit our website at www.alldogsinc.com for more information about our facility and boarding requirements for your pet.