5 Reasons to choose AllDogs Doggie Daycare

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Dogs are similar to humans and get tired and depressed when cooped up in a confined space for long periods. While you are away at work and the kids are at school, your pup is trapped indoors, which could explain his or her stir crazy attitude when you arrive home. Dealing with the energy and possible mess left behind can be stressful for you and harmful for your dog. Morristown’s dog boarding facility, AllDogs, shares five reasons to choose doggie daycare for your furry family member.

  1. Doggie PlayCamp and Doggie PlayCare

Doggie PlayCamp is a social experience that incorporates pack play with other same-size dogs that harbor the same temperament and energy level. For pups that prefer to refrain from socializing with other dogs, Doggie PlayCare is excellent for one-on-one time with humans, personalized tender loving care, and belly rubs. No matter the social status of your dog, he or she will be tired and happy having a day full of stimulating exercise and relaxation.

  1. Pass a Meet and Greet

We want to ensure the most protection for all guest dogs. Therefore, we require boarding vaccinations and a temperament test to determine their ability to socialize with other dogs. The required vaccinations are annual rabies, annual DHLPP (Parvo/Distemper), and Bordetella (kennel cough) within the last six months. The play center at the experienced Morristown doggie daycare is a flea, tick, and disease-free facility, so treat your pup before your arrival.

  1. Supervised Playrooms

While in the playroom, our expert staff is present to handle any situations that arise. Our team can recognize the subtle body language of your dog and possess experience in handling canines of varying sizes, breeds, and personality types. With extensive employee training, we can ensure your dog has a pleasant stay without fighting with our other furry guests.

  1. Clean Facility

Pet owners deserve a clean dog care facility in Jefferson City to leave their beloved fur babies. At AllDogs, we use dog-safe cleaning products in a controlled climate space that is well ventilated and secure. Our goal is to maintain an optimal environment for your dog, which includes facility cleanliness.

  1. Puppy Cam

Your furry pal is ready for a closeup with their puppy cam. While you relax on a family beach vacation, you can visually check in on your family friend to ensure their well-being. Using your phone or laptop, you can stream live footage any time of day until the lights go out at 10:00 pm. The ability to see your dog while you’re away can ease worries about their safety and care.

Doggie Daycare in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Leaving your pet at home can cause stress for both animal and owner. Taking your dog to a doggie daycare can help keep them happy and healthy as they get exercise and play with other pups. If you are looking for a Morristown doggie daycare center with complimentary curbside pickup and drop-off, AllDogs Canine Care Center may be the best choice for you and your canine. When you schedule your vacation, we welcome you to call us at (865) 475-2225 or contact us online for availability and set up a PlayCamp day visit.