5 Timesaving Hacks for Dog Parents

time saving hacks for dog parents

time saving hacks for dog parentsMorristown, TN

Dogs are part of your family. Their love is unconditional. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, we know that you return this love to your dog. We also understand that your day-to-day life doesn’t always blend effortlessly with the needs of your four-legged family member. Sometimes it can be a struggle just to make it through the week, and you may fall short on spending quality time with your dog. Our dog trainers in Morristown have found numerous tips and tricks to manage time with and around dogs during our 24/7/365 canine care business. Now we want to pass along our five favorite “life hacks” for all the dog parents out there.

Tip 1: Lint Rollers

Not all dogs shed, but most do. Any dog owner who has a family member of the shedding variety will tell you, you’re always covered in hair. That’s why keeping a lint roller in your glove box or having a mini-lint roller in your purse is a timesaving trick.

Tip 2: Carabiners

Carabiners, which are often referred to as carbines, are metal hooks that regularly get used for our keys or luggage. When you’re a pet parent, though, a carabiner on a dog leash is a must-have. There are many reasons you may have to tie up your leashed dog briefly. A carabiner saves you the time of having to detach the leash and collar to make an awkward loop or make a poorly executed knot. One simple click and your dog is securely attached until you’re ready to keep moving.

Tip 3: Hot Dog Treat

Dogs overheat, and it can make our poor pups extremely sick. If your dog has overheated him or herself, we have a cool down snack that will provide your dog with everything it needs. Take an ice cube tray and fill it with chicken broth and bits of apple. Whenever your pooch has been playing too hard or is just exhausted from a hot day, give them a couple of these cool down treats and voila! You have a happy, healthy critter.

Tip 4: Lazy Day Play

We know how hard it can be, especially with younger dogs, to devote enough time to a dog that needs lots of play. Maybe you don’t want to take them on your extra-long walk after work each day. Perhaps you’re busy working at home. It’s common for dogs to become restless when we’re sick or otherwise unable to devote the time they want to them. There are a large variety of work-for-a-treat toys that will buy you time while distracting your active pooch.

Tip 5: Dog Food Storage

You brought the dog food home, set it down, and returned to the car to grab something. Upon reentering the room, you discover your brand new bag of dog food shredded and spread across the kitchen floor. Invest in an airtight storage option: either a simple plastic tote or a container designed specifically for dog food.

Canine Tips in Jefferson City

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