5 Tips for taking Amazing Pictures of your Dog

taking pics of your dog

taking pics of your dogMorristown, TN

Part of being a dog parent is not only getting to make memories with your pet but capturing those moments on camera. But photographing a dog can be challenging because they move quickly and are too energetic to sit still long enough for the camera to focus. So today on the blog, our Morristown doggie daycare at AllDogs shares five tips for taking amazing pictures of your dog.

Photograph in natural light

Natural light is the best lighting to use when taking photos. It results in consistent, well-lit pictures. Indoor lighting or camera flashes tend to be harsher and create shadows. Plus, you have to contend with the infamous red-eye. If you are unable to take your pet outside, you can always photograph your dog next to a window while allowing natural light to shine through. Just be sure to face your dog toward the window. Taking a photograph with the subject in front of the window will end up making the picture look too dark.

Play with your dog first

It’s a good idea to play with your dog first, especially if they haven’t seen you in a while or you’ve been gone all day. Dogs typically respond to commands if they don’t have pint-up energy. Playing with your dog before will help wear down their energy so that your dog is more likely to sit still for picture taking. You may want to have some props or toys handy during the photography session to help grab your dog’s attention.

Get their attention

Getting your dog to cooperate during a photo session may be challenging. It could be helpful to have some treats handy that you can use to bribe your dog to sit still or follow your commands. You can also hold treats near the camera to get your dog to look in that direction. There are even some attachments for phones that will hold a tennis ball or other small dog toy. Choose something that will keep your dog’s attention long enough to snap some great photos. Be sure to reward your dog at the end of the session. They worked hard, too!

Use burst mode on your camera

Burst mode is available on most smartphones. It takes continuous photos with one click. This option is helpful if the subject is moving because you’re sure to capture a good image or two using burst mode. This option works well if you’re unable to get your dog’s attention long enough to focus the camera for that perfect shot.

Be patient and have fun

When photographing your dog, be patient and have fun while doing it. It should be an enjoyable experience for you both. And you’ll be surprised how much your dog feeds off your energy. So be calm and exhibit the type of behavior you expect from your dog, and you’ll be capturing memories in no time.

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