Benefits of Leash Walking your Dog Regularly

walking dog on leash

walking dog on leashMorristown, TN

Dogs often act out because they are bored or have pent-up energy. If you’re looking to give your dog the physical exercise and mental stimulation they need, going for a walk can accomplish both of these goals. Read on as the dog experts at AllDogs Canine Care Center explain the benefits of regularly walking your dog on a leash.

Benefit 1: A stronger bond

When you and your dog go for a walk, you’re giving your pooch the positive attention it craves. Your focus remains on your dog during a walk and not on chores, work, or any of the other things that occupy you physically and mentally, even when you are at home with your pooch.

Benefit 2: Training practice

Each time you walk your dog, you’ve got an opportunity to practice basic obedience skills. Your dog isn’t just meandering and sniffing; it’s performing additional tasks. This reinforces the lessons of your training and increases the likelihood that your dog will remember its training even in times of stress.

Benefit 3: Mental stimulation

Whether you head to a dog park, a walking trail, or just head out to navigate the neighborhood, your dog is gathering information from the sights, sounds, and smells that are experienced during the walk. While it’s good to change up the route for walks, a new walk through familiar territory gives your dog the chance to see how that area has changed–information that usually is assimilated through smells.

Benefit 4: Physical exercise

Dogs of any age can benefit from regular walks. Aging dogs, especially of larger breeds, need to stay active to keep their joints mobile. A walk provides that extra encouragement to exercise, if only because you’re giving your pet what it craves most: your company. Your dog also is going to be more active than a walk than they would be while exploring your fenced-in yard.

Benefit 5: Socialization

Dogs are social animals and curious by nature. They’re going to want to investigate any new or unrecognized people or dogs they encounter. Socialization is crucial to make sure your dog learns how to interact appropriately with other people and animals.

Benefit 6: Your dog will be a better canine citizen

Each dog is unique, and certain breeds need more activity than orders. However, as a general rule, two walks per day of about 20 minutes can help curtail a wide array of behavioral disorders, including destruction and accidents inside the home.

Dog walking tips

Avoid going on any substantial walk right after feeding your dog, as this can cause a disorder called gastric torsion that could be fatal to your pet. Limit any walks after meals to bathroom time only. You want to let your dog have at least an hour of digestion time before a walk or any other significant physical activity. After a walk, especially when the weather is warm, let your dog cool down for 20 to 30 minutes and allow them only small sips of water during this cooldown period. Lastly, keep your dog on a leash unless you’re walking in a securely enclosed area.

Dog Training in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

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