Does your Dog have Separation Anxiety? Here’s how we can Help

separation anxiety

separation anxietyMorristown, TN

Dogs can have many of the same problems that people do. Your canine member of the family might deal with allergies, a chronic illness… even anxiety—separation anxiety, to be precise. The American Kennel Club estimates that approximately 14% of the canine population suffers from separation anxiety. Read on as Jefferson City’s expert dog trainers at AllDogs Canine Care Center explore the topic of separation anxiety in dogs, and how we can help.

What causes separation anxiety in a dog?

Some dogs are predisposed to be anxious, but in many cases, life changes precipitate separation anxiety.

Some of the common causes of canine separation anxiety include:

  • Being left alone when they are not used to it
  • Experiencing a change in owners
  • Being adopted from a shelter into a home
  • A shift in their home’s routine or schedule, such as when an owner takes a new job
  • The loss of a family member

Know the signs of separation anxiety

Does your dog exhibit any of these behaviors?

  • They pace, whine, or tremble when you leave or even when you’re preparing to leave your home
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Excessive chewing or licking
  • Destroying things
  • Digging at doors and windows
  • Having accidents in the house or even in the crate if you crate train
  • Excessive drooling, panting, or salivating
  • If you crate train or confine your dog in a room, repeated attempts to escape, even to the point of suffering injury trying to escape
  • Refusing to eat when their owner is not home

Try these home remedies for separation anxiety

Use a special treat, such as a Kong or other type of puzzle toy that you can stuff with peanut butter, and only give it to your dog when you are leaving—then take it back when you return home. Also, when you return home, don’t give your dog a big, affectionate greeting. This can reinforce the feelings of anxiety when you are away.

When you depart, put on the TV or the radio on something that is soothing. You can also leave some recently worn clothes with your dog so that your scent remains present. Many pet stores also offer natural calming supplements you can buy, which can help diminish feelings of anxiety while you are gone.

Play can help with separation anxiety

Ever heard the saying that “a tired dog is a great dog?” If your dog gets lots of exercise each day, they will be tired, happy… and less prone to stress or anxiety. Ideally, you want to work with your dog both physically and mentally. Training games, fetch, and interactive puzzles are all great choices.

We recognize that not everyone has the time to give their dog the amount of play and attention they need. That’s why we offer Play Camp. This helps socialize your dog, while also providing an outlet for exercise, learning through play, and training. 

Day camp for dogs in Jefferson City and Morristown in Tennessee

Stop worrying about your dog when you leave home—or your dog worrying about you. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, our Play Camp ensures that even when you and your dog are apart, your dog still is getting plenty of quality time. To find out more about our day camp, and our policies, or schedule a tour of our facility, call (865) 475-2225.