Reasons why you should Microchip your Dog

reasons to microchip dog

reasons to microchip dogMorristown, TN

Drive around almost any neighborhood, and you will see those infamous signs posted mentioning a lost dog, and sometimes offering a reward. If you haven’t seen those signs, then you have probably heard stories of families that had their beloved dog go missing. If this has ever happened to you, you probably contacted all of the shelters in your area in hopes of finding your precious fur baby. Hopefully, you did, or you still to this day are dealing with the heartache of having lost your pet.

Dogs that are microchipped have a much better chance of being reunited with their family. So, why isn’t everyone doing it? Today on the blog, we are discussing reasons why you should microchip your dog if you haven’t already.

What is microchipping?

A microchip is as small as a grain of rice, and it is inserted just under the dog’s skin on the back of their neck. The owner’s contact information is housed in a national database so that when the dog is scanned, the dog can be reunited with its owners. It’s an easy way to find your dog or help others find their dog in the event that the pet gets separated from the owners. Also, it helps prove that you are, in fact, the owner. There even are some technologically inclined pet devices now that work in conjunction with your dog’s microchip, such as a doggie door that senses the microchip and opens once your dog is close enough. While microchips aren’t GPS systems, they can help you find your dog if your dog is taken into a vet’s office or shelter to be scanned. The cost of microchipping can range from $20-$40, depending on where you go to have it done.

For many dog owners, deciding whether or not to get their dog microchipped is an easy one. The sooner you get it done, the better chances you have of being reunited with your dog should he or she ever get loose and go missing. Even if your dog stays inside with you all of the time, there still is a chance that they could make a mad dash for the door when unexpected company arrives. It takes only one escape never to see your dog again.

Many pet adoption agencies and shelters now require that their pets are microchipped before being adopted out. This is to ensure two things. First, in case the pet is ever lost from the new owners, and to protect the pet if the new family decides to abandon their pet. Once the pet is scanned, he or she can be traced back to the original owners. Some pet adoption agencies even have contracts with adopting families that state the owners are responsible for any damages or costs involved in recovering an abandoned pet.

As you can see, microchipping your dog is a great idea and helps ensure that he or she can be reunited with you if they ever get lost. If you would like to learn more about microchipping, call AllDogs Canine Care Center at (865) 475-2225. We are happy to recommend a place locally in Morristown or Jefferson City that can provide microchipping services for you at a low and affordable cost.