Why you should start getting your Dog Groomed as a Puppy

groom dog as a puppy

groom dog as a puppyMorristown, TN

Getting a new puppy for the family can be an exciting time. Along with the latest member of the family comes additional responsibilities to make sure the puppy has a long, happy, fulfilling life. Just like humans, dogs need grooming to maintain good health. Grooming is essential to start during your dog’s younger years. Professional dog groomers in Jefferson City at AllDogs Canine Care Center are sharing reasons why you should start getting your dog groomed as a puppy.

Familiar Territory

Grooming from a young age should help your puppy become used to the grooming process, making it easier for them as they get older. Puppies who are under 12 weeks old are more resilient and tolerant of new situations since they are still learning about the world around them. Therefore, introducing various grooming practices during the puppy stage of life helps prepare your pup for future grooming. The preparation also results in natural grooming instead of wrestling with a soapy dog in the tub. The grooming process helps your pet become comfortable with humans touching them, which allows more accessible examinations while at the veterinarian. Grooming is more than brushing your pet’s fur. Brushing your dog’s teeth, clipping their nails, bathing, and cleaning out their ears are parts of caring for your new friend. If your family member is older than a puppy when joining your household, you can acclimate them to grooming. Your professional groomers in Morristown at AllDogs recommends exercising patience as it may take some time for them to get used to the new routine. However, with love, care, and repeated efforts of home grooming, your new pet should become accustomed to the new grooming practices.

Relationship Building

A great way to bond with your new pal is through grooming, specifically brushing their coat. After the first few times of being brushed, your puppy may derive pleasure from the brushing experience. Not only will it provide some focused one on one time, but the practice of brushing could build trust in the relationship. Building trust with the owner is essential for dogs. However, trust-building is more critical for pups that are rescued from abusive homes. It may take some time for your pup to fully trust you, but once they realize they are loved and well-cared for, trust should develop more quickly. Once a dog trusts the owner, training becomes more manageable, and your new pal feels more confident, happy, and, most importantly, secure. AllDogs offers training for you and your new addition that should help build trust while teaching proper behavior.

Grooming Frequency

The sooner you begin regular grooming, the better for your new pup’s health and well-being. To maintain healthy skin and coat, your caring pet groomers in Morristown at AllDogs recommend regular brushing and semi-regular bathing. Your puppy’s type and thickness of fur will depend on how often they need brushing and bathing. For pets with a long coat, daily brushing is required. If your dog has a medium coat, regular brushing is necessary to prevent mats from forming, which could cause your puppy discomfort. Dog bathing may be needed as often as once a month. Additional baths may be necessary if your furry pal has decided to get into mischief that gets him exceedingly dirty.

Dog Grooming in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Regular grooming of your new family member should promote a healthy life. Bringing your puppy to your professional dog groomers in Jefferson City at AllDogs means that your dog’s ears, nails, and rears are included in grooming. Call our office today at (865) 475-2225 or visit us online to schedule your grooming appointment at our paw spa. Then, when you come to pick up your fresh and clean pal, schedule your next appointment to make sure your new pup is well taken care of from nose to toes.