At What Age should you Start Grooming your Dog?

when to start groomingMorristown, TN

Pampering, both professionally and routinely at home between grooming appointments, is a practice your pooch will need for a lifetime. It’s best to introduce them early — as young as 12 weeks old — to the sights, sounds, and sensations of being groomed. Long-haired dogs and doodle breeds can start even earlier, around 8 weeks old. Grooming includes brushing, baths and blowouts, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and clipping around sensitive areas. Full-coat trims may be necessary at times, too. To make grooming as stress-free as possible for you and your pooch, our Morristown and Jefferson City dog groomers at AllDogs Canine Care Center have helpful tips on how to properly prepare your puppy for pampering. Following these tips, they say, will set the stage for your furry family members to develop a lifelong love for being groomed.

Prepare your puppy

Preparing your new family member for grooming can be a fun bonding experience. Play with your puppy’s ears and paws, touch her teeth and nails, gently hold her chin, and massage her legs — including inner thighs — to acclimate her to touch. Tapping a metal spoon against nails can help with the strange sound and feel of metal. This will help prepare your puppy for nail clippers. Start introducing your pup to being brushed. Being playful with your puppy while blow-drying your hair will help acclimate him to the sight and sound of blow dryers. Socializing your puppy around people will help her feel relaxed around her groomer. Our dog-grooming pros in Jefferson City recommend that if your puppy isn’t comfortable on a leash or car ride, consider correcting this before the first grooming appointment so your pooch is happy and relaxed when arriving for his first grooming appointment. Placing your puppy on a counter or table can also help prepare him for the grooming table.

Find a groomer

This may be more challenging than you think. Do your research, especially if you have a specialty breed like a doodle. Ask your veterinarian, breeder, friends, and family for recommendations of reputable breeders in your area. Pay particular attention to groomers, like our dog-grooming experts in Morristown, who are knowledgeable about your puppy’s breed and grooming needs. If you have a specific cut or style in mind, take a photo to the appointment to share with your groomer.  

Maintenance at home

Your groomer will be happy to answer any questions you have about ways to help care for your dog’s coat and skin between appointments. Routine brushing and regularly cleaning teeth and ears at home will help keep your pup familiar with these grooming practices until the next scheduled grooming appointment.  

Dog Grooming in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Daily coat maintenance and taking your puppy to regular grooming appointments can prevent painful mats in your dog’s coat that can lead to hematomas, bruising, and skin infections. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, our professional groomers recommend pet owners schedule their first pup’s first grooming appointment before he reaches 16 weeks of age. We also encourage you to talk with experienced, knowledgeable groomers at our Morristown and Jefferson City dog grooming facilities and start your pet grooming routine early. If your dog is looking a bit ragged and needs to be groomed, call us at AllDogs Canine Care Center, (865) 262-8310, or book a grooming appointment with us online.