Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog

dog halloween safey tips

dog halloween safey tipsMorristown, TN

On Halloween night, most of us love to be spooked, but you want to avoid a scary situation for your dog. Your compassionate pet professionals at AllDogs Canine Care Center want to suggest taking these precautions to keep your dog safe this Halloween.

Keep all candy accounted for: Chocolate in any form is dangerous and potentially deadly for your dog. Another potential poison is xylitol, a popular artificial sweetener used in several varieties of sugar-free candy. Whether you are snacking on candy or have it set aside for trick or treaters, be sure to have it all stored in containers that your pets cannot reach. Signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs include vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and restlessness. If at any time you think your pet has ingested something toxic, contact the ASPCA Poison Control Center by calling (888) 426-4435.

Dog-proof your decorations: A Jack-o-lantern is a Halloween tradition, but if your dog knocks over a lit one, that candle inside can start a fire. Make sure your pumpkins are safe from canine interference. Or, you could use battery-operated candles instead, which would eliminate a potential fire hazard. For any decorations that use electricity, make sure all wires are out of reach, especially if you have a curious puppy.

Dog costume tips: Most pet owners love dressing up their four-legged friends on Halloween, but you should be cautious about this. Make sure the costume you choose does not impede your dog’s ability to move, see, breathe, or bark. Remove any small or dangling pieces that easily could fall off or get chewed off, becoming possible choking hazards. If you do get a costume for your dog, make sure it fits well, as a poorly fitting costume could snag on other objects and cause injury for your pet. Last but not least, let your dog try on the costume before committing to wearing it. If your dog seems upset or stressed out at wearing the costume, don’t make them wear it. 

Calm and identifiable: You open the door dozens of times on Halloween night for trick-or-treaters. Each time this happens, you run the risk of your dog darting outside. If your dog exhibits any nervousness or issues socially, we recommend letting him or her hang out in another room during the prime trick-or-treating time. Also, make sure your dog is wearing up-to-date ID tags or has been microchipped in case they make a run for it when the door is opened.

Canine Care in Morristown

Your dog is part of your family, and if Halloween stresses out your four-legged friend, why not provide some accommodations? We offer boarding services at AllDogs Canine Care, and staff our facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Or, if you want to reward your pooch after getting through Halloween, schedule a visit for him or her to be pampered in our Paw Spa.

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