5 Tips to get a Dog to Trust You

get dog to trust you

get dog to trust youMorristown, TN

We’ve all probably encountered a dog that seemed fearful or even ran away when trying to pet it. Maybe you have adopted a rescue dog that seemed to be disengaged and scared of interacting with you or others. This typically stems from the dog not trusting you or others that come near it. Today, AllDogs Canine Care Center, a doggie daycare that offers dog training in Morristown, wants to share five tips with you on how to build trust with a dog.

So, whether you want to build trust with your own dog, or those that you meet, these tips are for you:

  1. Stay calm

Naturally, dogs are going to react based on your energy. While you may be tempted to get excited when you greet your dog, or another dog that you encounter, keep calm. If you approach the dog with too much excitement, it could scare him or cause him to have an undesired reaction, such as jumping on your or acting aggressively. Instead, remain calm and speak with a soft voice.

  1. Respect their space

If you approach a stranger with a dog, practice the “no touch, no talk, no eye contact” rule with their dog until you have received permission to pet or touch the dog. Try to stand at least a few feet away from the dog until the owner says it is ok to pet their dog. If the dog begins to act out of control or aggressive, just steer clear until the owner can regain control. Engaging with the dog at this point may only provoke him further.

  1. Get on their level

When approaching a dog, it’s best to do so from the side, and then kneel down next to them as you face the same direction. This non-confrontational way to greet a dog allows you to be in their space, but in a non-threatening way. As you reach forward to pet the dog, keep your fingers closed, like in a fist position, to reduce the risk of being bitten on the fingers.

  1. Let them come to you

Dogs are good about using body language to communicate, even when they are ready for you to greet them. Let the dog come to you first. If he sniffs and licks your hand, he accepts you, and you can pet the dog. But, if he turns away or walks off, don’t take it personally. Accept it and move on.

  1. Take them on a walk

Taking a dog on walks help reinforce the pack mentality. Soon, your dog will know that you are giving him leadership and direction, which is what dogs crave. Remain in a calm-assertive state, and confident, and you will build trust with the dog. Whether the dog is your own or you are dog walking someone else’s pup, this rule still applies!

Dog Training in Morristown

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