Correcting bad Behavior, is your dog a Lunger?

correcting bad behavior

correcting bad behaviorMorristown, TN

Taking your dog for a walk or to socialize with other dogs should be an enjoyable experience for you both but for some dog owners, it is not. A dog that lunges can flat wear you out, and scare other dogs and even people. Here are some ways to help correct this behavior in your dog.

Dogs tend to lunge more when on a leash but can also exert this behavior when off a leash as well. This behavior could be a safety concern if your dog is on a leash, and for others around. The problem can develop quickly and must be rectified appropriately and in a consistent manner.

First Step

The first step is to heal your dog, and avoid whatever may be causing the stimulation. If your dog lunges during walks, because of passerby’s, try walking your dog during a time of day when others are not as active like early mornings or later in the evening. You could also try an alternate route that is less traveled by others; just be mindful of your safety.

Second Step

Second, determine your dog’s threshold by practicing around other dogs, a friend, and their dog would be best. Be patient with this step, and have lots of tasty treats ready for your dog. Begin by letting your dog play in an area that does not trigger the disapproved behavior. While on a leash, slowly start to let your dog approach others. Remember to be firm about demanding your dog to heal. When your dog obeys, reward with a treat. Be patient with this step; it could take months to correct the behavior.

What to do when a setback occurs

Setbacks will occur, just be sure not to punish your dog when it happens. If things begin to go array as you practice step two, go back to playing alone with your dog. Maybe your dog needs more time before moving on to the next part. Remember to be patient, and remain positive. If your dog reacts in a disapproving way, ignore the behavior as this may be a sign that you are moving too fast with the behavior management.

It is also a good idea to always reinforce positive behavior and work to correct immediately the negative ways that your dog behaves. Old habits can die hard, as they say, but with patience, determination, and positive reinforcement, you can turn any dog around.

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