Tips for Handling an Aggressive Dog

handling aggressive dog

handling aggressive dogMorristown, TN

Some dogs look aggressive but wouldn’t hurt a dandelion. Other dogs look very peaceful and sweet but can become very aggressive without warning. Most of the time, an aggressive dog wasn’t born that way. Aggressive behavior in a dog comes about because the dog is responding to situations using his instincts, and from not having proper training. Most dogs are not trained to behave any differently. If you have an aggressive dog in Jefferson City or Morristown, AllDogs Canine Care Center has some tips for you!

Dogs become aggressive for a number of reasons. Aggression is born of fear or possessiveness. If you, as owner, don’t see the signs of aggression as they develop in your dog, you will soon find yourself with a dog that is completely out of control. This is your responsibility, and does not mean that your dog is a “bad dog.” It just means it is time for some repair training tips to help you make your dog sweeter.

Alpha Dog

Dogs are pack animals. In a pack, there is always a leader or “alpha dog.” If you are not the leader, then your dog will establish himself as the alpha and will be guided by his instincts and by how much control he has over people, other dogs, and situations.

In your home, you need to be the one to establish yourself as the alpha dog, so to speak. You establish physical boundaries as well as behavior norms. To do this, you must first teach the dog that you are the one in control. You decide when and what your dog eats. You decide where your dog sleeps. You decide when and where playtime happens.

Aggression is Not a Form of Punishment

Many dog owners punish aggressive dogs with aggressive behavior themselves. Rather than the dog learning to behave from this form of punishment, they learn that aggression is an accepted response. Remember that some aggression is born of fear. Sooner or later that fear you created may come out in aggressive behavior that is beyond your control. Instead, use training methods to teach your dog what is expected and what is not.

Rather than using punishment to establish control, you can limit the dog’s abilities and following the pack order. Keep in mind that the alpha dog gets the best of everything, and first choice to decide what the best of everything is. The alpha dog is followed, not led. When you rely on punishment only, you are responding (following), rather than leading. You’re the alpha! You don’t follow!

Leash Training

In order to establish yourself as the alpha dog in your home, you may need to use a leash inside your home. This is so that you can control where the dog is able to go. For instance, if you do not want your dog on the furniture, simply step on the leash when he goes to get on the couch. Harnesses work well for this type of training because they do not choke the dog when he is being guided, but they do limit what he can do.

We want to help you and your dog!

These are just some tips and insight into why your dog may be acting aggressively and what to do if he is. If you need help, in Jefferson City or Morristown, addressing your dog’s aggressive behavior, and for some ideas tailored to your breed of dog, please contact us at AllDogs Canine Care Center, by calling (865) 475-2225. First and foremost, we love dogs! Sometimes they can be stressful. We want to help you and your dog build and strengthen your loving relationship! AllDogs Canine Care Center is proud to serve the Jefferson City and Morristown, TN areas.