5 Reasons your Dog Eats Grass

Morristown, TN You’ve probably noticed your dog eating grass at some point. It’s a common behavior but may leave you wondering why dogs eat grass and if it is safe for them. So today on the blog, we share five reasons your dog eats grass so that you’ll know if it is nothing to worry about or warrants a trip … Read More

What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Facility

Morristown, TN A new year is here, so that means you’ve refreshed the vacation time at your job. Before you take your next getaway, if you’re a dog owner, determining care for your beloved pooch – or pooches – is part of the vacation planning process. We know that your dog is a member of your family. We also know … Read More

Doggie Daycare for the Holidays

Morristown, TN The holidays are usually a joyful time for people as they gather with friends and family. You may even find yourself busier than usual this time of year because of the many functions and parties booked on your calendar. But furry family members may not be as excited about the holiday cheer. In some cases, dogs may even … Read More

Why choose our PlayCamp?

Morristown, TN Because your dog really, really wants you to. Your dog’s favorite place to be is home with you. But sometimes, we have to go places where our four-legged friends can’t tag along. You don’t need to feel guilty or spend your day worrying about your pup being sad or bored at home alone. Our Jefferson City dog care … Read More

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Morristown, TN Dogs are excellent companions, and they provide their humans with devotion and love that is unconditional. But they have needs as a species that can occasionally be very difficult for humans to fulfill. As extremely social animals, dogs need company, and if their humans have to spend significant stretches of time out of the house (such as when … Read More

Tips for Boarding your Dog

Morristown, TN Leaving our four-legged favorites behind for any length of time is hard on our hearts, but sometimes it’s necessary. The best way to make sure both you and your pet are ready for your brief time apart is to prepare ahead of time and think of little things that will keep the comforts of home near your doggo … Read More

How Many Steps Does your Dog Take a Day

Morristown, TN Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise. This is, of course, good for them physically: younger, more energetic dogs require an outlet for their energy, and if they do not have a more appropriate outlet, they might seek this out by running through the house, enthusiastically destroying things, digging, jumping, and by increasingly rough play. Larger, older dogs … Read More

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car

Morristown, TN From time to time, it may be necessary to take a pet for a ride in the car. Depending on what sort of pet this is, some are completely unfazed, such as fish (provided they stay in their bowl!), lizards, guinea pigs, etc. Others – such as dogs and cats – may have a much different reaction, whether … Read More

At What Age should you Start Grooming your Dog?

Morristown, TN Pampering, both professionally and routinely at home between grooming appointments, is a practice your pooch will need for a lifetime. It’s best to introduce them early — as young as 12 weeks old — to the sights, sounds, and sensations of being groomed. Long-haired dogs and doodle breeds can start even earlier, around 8 weeks old. Grooming includes … Read More

Spring Safety Tips for your Dog

Morristown, TN When spring has sprung, our minds turn to gardening, spring cleaning, and home improvements. But your furry family members, noticing the much longer days and more pleasant weather, just want to spend more time playing outdoors and basking in the sun … and maybe snacking on your children’s candy. Today, our doggie daycare experts at AllDogs Canine Care … Read More