for dogs that prefer not to be social

One-on-one with humans not dogs

Care for dogs that are not neutered, spay or for those that do not prefer other dogs

Personalized care with TLC & belly rubs

Drop off & pick up on your way to and from work with our 24/7 hours!


for dogs that are social

Pack Play with other dogs

Tail wagging good time with dogs their same size & similar energy

We pair your dog up with appropriate size & temperament

Drop off & pick up on your way to and from work with our 24/7 hours!

Our socialization approach

Play Camp is the most fun your dog can have, away from home. But make no mistake: there’s important work that happens in that environment. It all has to do with making sure you have a well adjusted, properly socialized, and "balanced" dog. Socialization is extremely important for all dogs. When your dog can interact playfully and respectfully with other dogs, he or she is happier and a more pleasant companion.

At AllDogs, we take the time to make sure that our campers are separated into appropriate playgroups: by age, size, and temperament. You need never fear that older, bigger, or more aggressive dogs will bully your timid dog or your new puppy. Holly has a special talent when it comes to forming "packs" for play, and she'll make sure your dog is placed where he or she is comfortable and ready for fun. While the play campers are receiving needed stimulation and healthful exercise, they’re also learning a great deal.

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Peace of Mind

You never have to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone again. We’re here to make sure the time your pet spends away from you is still quality time. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a tired but happy dog—one that’s had a fun day designed for just the right amount of exercise and relaxation.

Training Time

One of the most valuable tools Holly has at her disposal is what she calls "the power of the pack." That refers to the innate predisposition for dogs to more or less “sort out” their status within a group of other dogs of similar age, size, and temperament. When a certain dog may be working toward resolving a behavior issue, Holly may slowly introduce him or her to a group of play campers, closely supervising their interactions and reinforcing the good behavior she’s seeking to instill in the dog. It's just incredibly helpful to have what you might call "peer pressure" from other dogs; they instinctively teach the newcomer what works in terms of group dynamics. This natural method of behavior modification is just one more proven approach Holly uses to help each dog reach his or her potential.

Whether a play camper or a guest in doggie daycare, your pet must be current on all boarding-required vaccinations. Dogs must pass a temperament test to participate in day camp. • Annual Rabies • Annual DHLPP (Parvo/Distemper) • Bordatella (Kennel Cough) 6 months

Upscale Suites for your Dog

While one of our day care guests, your dog will be able to relax in a comfortable climate-controlled suite, complete with access to his or her own private outdoor veranda. We offer supervised playtime, belly rubs, and plenty of stimulation to keep your dog from becoming bored. We can work with your schedule and accommodate your dog’s needs. Feel better when you have to be away by leaving your buddy in our care.

Required Vaccinations

Annual Rabies

Annual DHLPP (Parvo/Distemper)

Bordatella (Kennel Cough) 6 months

Flea Policy

At AllDogs it is our goal to provide your dog with an environment that is free of disease, ticks, and fleas. We highly recommend that your dog be treated monthly for fleas with a topical treatment such as Frontline or Frontline Plus, especially through the summer months.

As a part of our check in procedure every pet is thoroughly inspected for fleas, ticks, and parasites. If we find evidence of fleas, ticks, etc.., we will treat your pet appropriately for the problem and your account will be charged accordingly.

We thank you for your help and your understanding in keeping our guests free of disease, ticks, and fleas.


Full Day – Single Dog Pass = $25.00

Five Day Single Dog Pass = $115.00

Ten Day Single Dog Pass = $220.00

Twenty Day Single Dog Pass = $400.00

We also offer Multi-Dog Family Packages- ask a staff member for details

Early drop off and late pick-up times are always available for your convenience: we are a 24/7 facility; ask us for details.

Save money when you purchase packages. Visits are good for 1 year from purchase date, makes daily visits easy & quick checkout.

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