4 Reasons to Board your Dog during Christmas

board dogs for christmas

board dogs for christmasMorristown, TN

Christmas is a time for family gatherings, which often means traveling. However, traveling with your pup can be cumbersome, and some places don’t allow pets. Instead of worrying about how well your pet will travel or how much of the house will be in one piece upon your return, consider boarding your dog this holiday season. Our Morristown dog boarding facility, AllDogs, shares on the blog today four reasons to board your during Christmas. Not only could it reduce your stress, but your pet will be safe and happy.

Why should I board my dog during Christmas?

There are several reasons pet owners decide to board their beloved doggo. Most pets and owners aren’t fond of being separated for any time length. However, boarding your pup is a practical and safe way to ensure proper pet care when you’re on a trip or when family comes to stay. Our dog care center in Jefferson City outlines below a few of the most common reasons for boarding your dog this Christmas and some boarding accommodations your pet can enjoy during their stay.

  1. Reduce Your Pet’s Anxiety

Whether you’re traveling to see family or having a gathering at your home, it can be stressful for everyone involved, especially your furry family member. However, dogs don’t understand why things are changing, resulting in a myriad of unexpected behaviors. Morristown’s trained dog boarding staff warns that while some furry friends can become defensive or aggressive, others may try to escape. Reduce your dog’s anxiety around the holidays by boarding them at AllDogs. We encourage pack play with dogs staying at our facility, reducing their anxiety and ensuring they get enough exercise each day.

  1. Avoid Misbehavior

Even though you may have the best intentions when hiring a sitter to care for your dog, a stranger could cause erratic behavior from your dog, like knocking over trash cans, chewing shoes, or tearing up your couch cushions. Misbehavior could also be a result of your absence and your furry friend’s anxiety over your return. Therefore, our professional dog care center in Jefferson City recommends dog owners reduce their pet’s misbehavior risk by ensuring they’re comfortable during the holidays. When you board your pup, they are under surveillance 24/7 and enjoy the companionship of other dogs with their exact size and temperament. In addition, the stimulation from pack play should keep them distracted and tired enough to prevent misbehaving.

  1. Prevent Your Pet’s Escape

Receiving a phone call from a sitter or neighbor that your pet escaped and is lost can be heartbreaking for the whole family, especially during the holidays. Unfortunately, it’s common for dogs to flee their home in search of their owners when cared for by others. Sadly, the longer it takes to begin the search for your beloved furry family member, the more chances there are for them to get injured. AllDogs’ guests enjoy a climate-controlled facility with private outside access restricted during extreme weather or overnight hours at our Morristown canine care facility. Otherwise, they are secure and under surveillance, allowing you some peace of mind to enjoy the holidays.

  1. Travel Restrictions

Traveling with a dog can be a challenge, whether booking pet-friendly hotels or finding the closest grass patch. Additionally, some dog breeds may get car sick or find the ride an unpleasant experience, especially if kept in a pet carrier. Our Morristown doggie daycare advises owners to exercise extreme caution when considering airline travel with their pets. Large breeds must travel in the cargo hold, which is dangerous for older dogs or types with a short snout. Therefore, to ensure your furry friend is comfortable and enjoys their holidays, let us care for them like one of our own!

Holiday Dog Boarding in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Leaving your home for a holiday trip can be exciting and a great way to make memories. However, ensure your pup will enjoy the season as much as you by boarding them at Morristown’s canine care center, AllDogs, for your next holiday trip. The Christmas season can be hectic, and schedules can fill quickly. So, call us at (865) 475-2225 or contact us online to “Build Your Stay” today!