5 must-haves for a Great Dog Boarding Facility

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Even the most indulgent pet parent is going to have to go out of town sooner or later, whether it be for work, family reasons, or a vacation. If they can’t find a sitter, that’s when pet owners search for a local dog boarding facility in Jefferson City and Morristown. We understand you only want the best for your four-legged family member when you leave town. Here are five qualities you should look for when searching for the best dog boarding facility in Morristown.


A dog boarding facility is a high-traffic location; dogs always are going to be coming and going. Even with vaccination records (which should be required from any reputable boarding facility), you have no way of knowing where other dogs have been before or what they may have been exposed to before arriving. Any boarding facility needs to be cleaned often and well to help prevent the spread of diseases such as influenza and kennel cough. Only consider a facility that looks and smells clean! Our staff work hard and are dedicated to maintaining a safe and clean facility for our guests.

Odor control

Remember what we said earlier about things smelling clean? The major sense of odor in a kennel comes from the ammonia gas that is released in urine and feces. If allowed to linger, ammonia buildup in the air can affect the eyes and lungs of people as well as animals. You’ll know that smell when you encounter it, and if you catch a whiff at any boarding facility, you probably should keep looking. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, we have a state-of-the-art HVAC system to keep our facility well ventilated and humidity levels low, which helps safeguard against many infectious microorganisms and unfavorable odors.

Temperature control

Any kennel is going to include dogs of all types and lifestyles, many of whom may not be used to living in the outside temperatures. Dogs also don’t handle high heat as well as humans. That’s why you only should consider a climate-controlled boarding facility. Air conditioning will keep your guests from overheating during the summer when heat and humidity outdoors are high, while a good heating system will protect your animals in cold weather. Our climate-controlled rooms at AllDogs Canine Care Center will ensure that your pup stays comfortable no matter the weather outside.


How would you like to sleep on a concrete floor? Then imagine what that’s like for a dog—especially older dogs, which may have trouble getting back up. Any dog of any age could develop pressure sores from sleeping on hard surfaces. You wouldn’t want your dog sleeping like that at home, so don’t accept it when going out of town. At AllDogs, we offer comfortable, elevated bedding, creating an inviting and cozy space that will serve as a home away from home for your pup.


Any business is only as good as the employees on the team. Staff ratios also are important. For a kennel that boards dogs overnight, you want to maintain a minimum employee-to-dog ratio of 1:10. AllDogs Canine Care Center has staff members who are engaged, compassionate, knowledgeable, and possess experience working with dogs of all kinds of breeds and sizes. We also have round-the-clock staffing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Dog boarding in Morristown

We understand it’s hard for you and your animal to be separated. At AllDogs Canine Care Center, our boarding facility and staff will treat your beloved pet as a member of our own family. Find out more or schedule a tour of our facility by calling (865) 475-2225.

AllDogs Canine Care Center is here to serve pet owners in the areas of Jefferson City and Morristown in Tennessee.