How to get your Dog to Love Bath Time

get your dog to love bath time

get your dog to love bath timeMorristown, TN

It isn’t uncommon for dogs to hate bath time, which means it isn’t fun for you either. AllDogs Canine Care Center, a dog spa in Morristown wants to share some tips with you on how to get your dog to love bath time!

Walk it out

It’s a good idea to take your dog on a walk first. Your dog is more likely to welcome a refreshing bath after getting hot and tired from exercising. Plus, exercising or regular walks help your dog get rid of pint up energy.

Don’t be in a hurry

Your dog can sense your frustrations and irritability, which is why choosing the right time and not rushing through your dog’s bath is best. Instead of rushing this already stressful event for you and your dog, be sure to schedule it at a good time when you will be able to dedicate enough time and attention to the matter. Avoid waiting until a time when you are stressed or feeling rushed to get on to the next activity. Remember, your dog can sense your frustrations!

Stay positive

If your dog resists you during bath time each time you’ve attempted it, your dog understands your body language and how you communicate with them. In fact, your dog already senses what is going to happen even before you turn on the bath faucet. So, remain positive and upbeat, and your dog is more likely to want to follow you to the bath.

Keep it fun

You may find it difficult to be optimistic during your dog’s bath time, but remember to keep it fun. One way to get your dog to enjoy bath time is to make it fun by introducing some play toys or your dog’s favorite squeaker toy. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that enjoy toys. Bringing toys into the tub will help your dog associate bath time with fun.

Get an assistant

By this, we mean to bring in another dog, if you have one, or ask a friend who has a dog to come over and join in on the fun. Taking a bath along the side of another dog can help your dog feel more comfortable and relaxed. Just be sure that the other dog you have over doesn’t resist baths, or you may end up for more than you bargained for!

Get the temp right

Make sure the bath water isn’t too hot or too cold. Your dog may not prefer the hot, steamy baths that you like. Instead, lukewarm water typically is about right for most dogs. Be sure that you test the water before letting your dog get into the bath to avoid scalds or burns.

Introduce early

To get your dog to feel comfortable during bath time, it’s best to introduce them early on. So, if you have a puppy, now is the time to start getting them to use to bath time now. Introducing this as part of their routine now will get them used to having baths on a regular basis.

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