How your Dog can Benefit from Enrichment Camp

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Pacing. Panting. Shredding items inside your home. Any of these can be signs that your dog is stressed, and, at AllDogs Canine Care Center, we believe an enrichment camp is one of the best ways to reduce that stress. Read on as we explain what enrichment camp is and how your dog could benefit from our enrichment camp in Jefferson City.

What is an enrichment camp?

Enrichment training allows your dog to explore, learn, and engage while in a safe, engaging, and stimulating environment. Enrichment encourages healthy physical activity for your dog, who has the chance to mimic behaviors the animal would do in the wild—such as fetching or foraging. Modern enrichment training reduces stress and encourages proper socialization.

There are five categories of enrichment training

Nutritional: These are food-based techniques, ranging from feeding your dog his daily meals in a puzzle bowl to help occupy them or using a Kong toy stuffed with treats. For greater stimulation, rather than feed your dog traditional meals, toss their kibble around the house or hide the pieces, encouraging your dog to forage actively for their daily chow.

Sensory: The type of sensory stimulation that best suits your dog may depend on their breed. Beagles, for example, may enjoy scent work. Sighthounds will be a better fit, breed-wise, for chasing down a Frisbee outside. Walks classify as sensory stimulation. Your dog feels the ground under their feet, the sun, and the breeze and gets to sniff and investigate their surrounding environment at their leisure.

Social: Not all dogs are pack animals; some canines do not relate well to others. Some dogs only prefer the company of the people in their homes. If your dog is pretty socialized, a long walk where they can meet new people and new dogs is a great way to provide both physical and mental stimulation.

Exercise: Some dogs have higher exercise needs than others. Typically, across all breeds, younger dogs will be more active—partly because of natural, youthful energy and their innate curiosity and desire to learn. If you’ve got an especially active four-legged friend, consider mixing up those long walks with extended sessions of fetch, dock diving, or even find an agility course near you. Not sure which is right for you? Try different things, identify your dog’s likes, and plan accordingly.

Occupational: Certain breeds are working dogs, such as shepherds or border collies. You probably don’t have a flock of sheep around for your dog to lead, but you can incorporate whistles and other cues into your training routine. Scented items in aerated containers can be an excellent addition to the routine for hunting breeds.

Enrichment Camp in Jefferson City and Morristown

AllDogs is proud to offer an enrichment program to our four-legged friends, whether they’re here for our PlayCare day services or a guest for boarding. Our enrichment training focuses on improving your dog’s problem-solving skills. When your dog is our guest, you can opt for our usual Playcamp services, enrichment program, or a combination. The goal is to provide physical and mental stimulation and work on their manners and social skills to help your dog become a good canine citizen. Want to learn more? Call AllDogs at (865) 475-2225.