Learn how Music can Benefit your Dog

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Did you know that dogs like music, just as people do? In this article, the Jefferson City dog experts at AllDogs Canine Care Center have compiled this guide to how music can benefit your dog.

Yes, dogs can hear music

A dog’s ears are more sensitive than human ears. Not only can your dog hear any music you play, but a dog also can hear higher frequencies than a person. The hearing range for a dog ranges up to 44,000 Hz–as in Hertz, the number of cycles per second used to measure the frequency of a sound.

What type of music do dogs like?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Dogs’ musical preference varies, just like it does from person to person. Moreover, the reaction of your dog to different types of music can vary.

Common reactions to music by a dog include:

  • Becoming more calm and relaxed
  • Getting agitated
  • Barking
  • Howling

Studies have been performed looking to find a link between music and increased relaxation in dogs. The findings of some of these studies suggest certain genres of music tend to help dogs relax. For example, most dogs tend to enjoy classical music. However, other research suggests dogs can become accustomed to any type of music. The best course of action might be to play different genres of music, changing up their auditory routine the same way you do a dog’s regimen of play and exercise. A 2015 study, for example, found that soft rock and reggae lowered stress levels in dogs.

Some tips for choosing the best music for your dogs

Generally speaking, no matter the genre, you want to select songs that have a softer tone and a slower tempo. You also want to keep the volume fairly low, as loud sounds tend to agitate most dogs due to their keen sense of hearing. One study explored how dogs respond to the length and frequency of certain notes. Simple rhythms, low tones, and sustained notes tended to produce the desired calming effect in dogs. You also want to make sure to listen to music with your dog and play music for them when you are away. Otherwise, your dog does not form an association between music and you leaving home, which could lead to agitation whenever you’ve got songs playing.

The benefits of music for your dog

Just like people, relaxed dogs are better able to get good rest. When your dog is relaxed, they’re going to sleep more soundly, which benefits their mental and physical health.

Once you’ve identified the right songs for your dog, using a playlist of soothing songs when you are away may reduce separation anxiety.

Music has therapeutic applications for dogs just like people: helping calm a dog that is new to your home, mellow them out before or during a veterinary appointment, or creating a calm environment while your dog heals from an illness or injury.

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