The Importance of Heartworm Testing for Your Pet

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As pet dog moms and dads, making sure the health and well-being of our furry babies is vital. Among the different elements of animal health treatments, one vital component usually neglected is heartworm screening. From very early discovery to preventive measures, to promoting long-lasting wellness, heartworm screenings and prevention are crucial to your dog’s health and survival. Today on our newest blog, AllDogs Canine Care Center shares deeper insight into why heartworm screening is vital for your cherished dog’s wellness as well as joy.

Early Detection

Detecting heartworms in the early stages is crucial because it is most treatable and survival rates are higher. Heartworms are caused by a parasite called Dirofilaria immitis, which is transmitted to dogs via mosquito bites. Prevention is key in protecting your dog’s health. Prevention is simple and usually done on a monthly basis throughout the year. All dogs should receive heartworm prevention, even if they primarily remain indoors.

Preventive Measures

Normal heartworm screening promotes early discovery and equips pet owners to take aggressive steps to stop the condition from worsening.

So, here are four ways to prevent heartworms in your dog.

  1. Give your dog heartworm prevention medication. This medication is usually available in chewable form and tastes like a treat, so dogs usually love taking this particular medication. This same medication also helps prevent other common and potentially dangerous parasites in dogs like hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. Better yet, some heartworm prevention medications are combined with a flea and tick prevention, making administering this medication even easier so you just must give your dog one treatment a month for all of these protections.
  2. Take your dog to the veterinary clinic for routine checkups and heartworm testing. Heartworm testing is usually performed at least once per year, unless your dog has missed any monthly doses or is exhibiting signs of heartworm disease.
  3. Consider using dog-safe mosquito repellant. This may be especially helpful if you plan on taking your dog to an area highly infested with mosquitoes or your dog spends a considerable amount of time outdoors. However, consult with your veterinarian about a safe and non-toxic yet effective mosquito repellent that is safe to use on your pet.
  4. Get your yard treated for mosquitoes. This is a service offered by many pest control companies and can be added to your existing services if you already get pest control treatments quarterly. Mosquito treatments would benefit your pet and you and your guests that may be on your property.

Promotes Long-Term Health

According to pet care experts, heartworm screenings promote your dog’s long-lasting health and vitality. By protecting your family pet, you allow them to lead a healthy, balanced, energetic life, free from the constraints enforced by this avoidable problem. Purchasing routine heartworm screening as well as following preventive steps shows your dedication to your doggo’s health, plus it guarantees that they can take pleasure in living for years by your side.

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Pet parents around the world invest hundreds of bucks a year on their animals, and heartworm screening needs to be one purchase you don’t forget. If you’re planning on booking your dog a stay at AllDogs, we suggest that your pet be properly protected against mosquito bites as our furry guests spend time outdoors exercising and playing during the summer. To learn more about our doggie daycare or boarding, please call AllDogs at (865) 475-2225.