Tips for Preparing your Dog for your Post-Pandemic Return to Work

preparing dog for return to work

preparing dog for return to workMorristown, TN

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown increased time spent with your furry family member. From a newly found work-from-home colleague or a strengthened support system, your dog provided an enjoyable companion during long isolated days at home. Your faithful pup is spending every moment with you getting undivided attention full of endless belly rubs, going on long walks, and playing fetch, all with extra snuggles. However, as businesses return to work, many pet owners will spend more time away from home and leaving dogs behind for hours a day. It’s crucial to your dog’s emotional health that you refrain from surprising your pet with multiple hours of alone time, especially since many dogs are likely to develop separation anxiety. Therefore, the Morristown doggie daycare center, AllDogs, shares tips for preparing your dog for your post-pandemic return to work.

Practice a New Morning Routine

Preparing your dog for a new routine can help them feel comfortable while you are away and confident that you will return soon. Practicing the same activities as you would before leaving your home before work can help reduce pet anxiety. By conducting activities at random times within the day, your pup disassociates the jingle of your keys, alarms on your phone, picking up your work bag, or starting your car with you leaving your home. The experienced Jefferson City dog trainers explain that your dog will become desensitized to critical factors that indicate you are leaving and should reduce anxiety, making them more comfortable.

Avoid Making Hellos and Goodbyes a Big Deal

Greeting or leaving your pet with excitement can create anxiety in dogs as they get worked up thinking the process is a big deal. In addition, it can be challenging to maintain a monotone demeanor when you love your doggie so much as a dog owner. However, the Morristown dog experts explain that little interaction with your pup with a calm attitude could reduce anxiety-driven behavior such as tearing up a pillow, biting the couch, or chewing your favorite shoes. Therefore, when you want to give your dog some love before going to work, it is best to do it at least ten minutes before you leave. Then, when you arrive home, only acknowledge your furry family member after he or she calms down.

Get Active

Tired puppies are happy puppies. Your dog enjoys physical activity like a long walk, a run, or a fetch game. Our Jefferson City dog professionals agree that the key to wearing out your pet before going to work is waking early for an exuberant morning of activity. You should not leave your home for about 20 – 30 minutes after your morning activities to allow your dog time to calm down, so there is no emotional confusion when you leave.

Give Special Toys and Treats

Using specific treats and toys can create positive reinforcement while you are away. You can keep your pet engaged for hours with toys and treats that challenge them with mental stimulation, such as a puzzle toy or peanut butter stuffed KONG. Morristown‘s top-rated doggie daycare recommends removing the toys from the dog’s visibility once arriving home to maintain an attraction to the toys for future ventures.

Take Your Pet to Doggie Daycare

Reducing your anxiety about your pet’s behavior in your absence can be simple with doggie daycare. Your dog can spend the day with other dogs that have a similar demeanor, size, and activity level. Through supervised pack play, your pup can enjoy playing and socializing. With climate-controlled playrooms, you can rest assured your dog will thrive while visiting our Jefferson City dog boarding center. When you get worried about your fur baby, check on them using our live webcam any time of day.

Canine Care Center in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Leaving your beloved furry family member home when you return to work can be emotionally challenging for you and your pup. With a bit of desensitization, your pal should have a comfortable experience while you work. However, if you feel your dog will have a tough time alone, feel free to bring them to doggie daycare at a quality dog care facility in Morristown. To find out more about doggie daycare or to book a stay, feel free to call AllDogs at (865) 475-2225. We will love on you dog and take care of your pet as if they were our own fur baby! We now are accepting bookings for summer vacation.