Tips to keep your Dog Active

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Exercise should be a regular part of your pup’s daily routine. It boosts health by managing weight, strengthening the heart and other muscles, regulating energy levels, and providing the mental stimulation that our canine companions need. Perhaps most importantly to us as pet owners: we can also rest assured that keeping our dogs active also keeps them feeling alive, energetic, and happy!

Long walks or runs, learning tricks, playing hide-and-seek or tug-of-war with toys, and playing fetch with a tennis ball or treat-dispensing toy are all common and excellent ways to fit your dog’s daily exercise into your schedule. Even older dogs who are starting to slow down a bit will enjoy and benefit from these activities. While sometimes it’s difficult to find time for regular exercise in our day — for ourselves and our dogs — it’s important for overall health to carve a bit of time out of each and every day for physical activity. Our doggie daycare pros at All Dogs Canine Care Center in Jefferson City and Morristown know how important physical and mental activity are to your pet’s overall health and well-being. In today’s blog, the doggo experts share tips for creatively keeping your pet active, healthy, and happy.

Playing with friends

Doggie daycares and camps are a perfect — and convenient — way to keep your pet entertained with lots of active play all day. At our doggie daycare center, we have a tail-wagging good time in “PlayCamp,” designed for the social butterflies who love playing in packs, and  “PlayCare,” which is specifically geared toward our shy guests who prefer human interaction over play with other dogs.

Instead of squeezing time in your busy day for activity and play for your pooch, you can conveniently let our doggie daycare experts in Morristown handle the work! Our Morristown doggie experts love to play! It’s as easy as dropping off your furry friend before work and stopping by for pick-up on the way home. We select “play packs” for the day based on dogs that are similar in size, age, and temperament. At the end of the day, you will know your dog had the best time receiving all the physical and mental exercise needed for the day — and then some! — while also having fun with friends.

Exploring new places

Let’s face it: sometimes long walks can be a bit boring, especially with the same scenery every day. So why not fit your pooch’s steps in while doing something fun, like shopping or dining at pet-friendly places near you? As more people have become doting pet owners, more and more businesses have started welcoming pets … and even keeping dog treats and water bowls on hand for four-legged visitors! Restaurants that offer outdoor patio seating sometimes welcome our canine companions with open arms, too. If you don’t have many pet-friendly restaurants or businesses near you, look instead for a local park or walking trail. Exploring new places keeps your dog active, mentally stimulated, and socialized.

New toys and activities

New toys seem to make even older dogs return to puppy playfulness. At our Jefferson City dog boarding and daycare center, tug-of-war ropes and balls are popular picks to promote an active lifestyle among our visiting pups. Play fetch with toys that hold your doggo’s favorite treats, or feed using food-dispensing puzzle toys to keep things interesting. If your pup grows tired of the same ol’ toys, start rotating them to keep things fresh and fun. Another way to keep your pooch preoccupied and playing: spend a few minutes each day working on tricks: sit, down, heel, and spin are just a few of the many tricks your dog is eager to learn in exchange for treats!

Dog boarding and daycare services in Jefferson City and Morristown

Keeping your dog active — physically and mentally —is a vital part of his/her overall health. Dogs need exercise and the mental stimulation that comes from enjoying an active lifestyle. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or limited to the same activities every day. Changing things up a bit is good for you and your dog! Let your dog have a tail-wagging time with friends at All Dogs! Plan a day-date, strolling new streets and discovering pet-friendly shops and storeowners, then stop for lunch and enjoy patio sunshine at a pet-friendly restaurant. Learn new tricks and play fetch at home: these are all great ways to keep your dog living and loving an active lifestyle. For more information about our PlayCare and PlayCamp programs, call AllDogs Canine Care Center at (865) 262-8310, or email us at