Tips to keep your Dog Happy all Winter Long

keep your dog all winter

keep your dog all winterMorristown, TN

Winter may drum up immediate visions of snuggling under a fluffy blanket near the fireplace or settling into a good book while wearing your stretchy pants. Did you make that connection? Most winter activities that humans enjoy involve remaining indoors. But, if you are a dog parent, your dog still enjoys, and needs, outdoor exercise even when it is too cold for comfort to you. While you may not want to venture outdoors this winter, check out AllDogs’ tips to keep your dog happy, safe, and warm all winter long.

Paw Patrol

No, we aren’t talking about the cute cartoon, but your dog’s actual paws. Just like our feet, your dog’s paws become cold during the winter too. Dog paws also are subject to becoming dry and cracked, especially if your dog does a lot of walking around on rock salt used to melt snow and ice. Smooth your dog’s paws by applying petroleum jelly, and be sure to always wash your dog’s feet after having been outside.

Clean Coats

Most dog owners probably think that their dog’s grooming days are put on hold once winter rolls around. After all, their coat helps keep them warm, right? While that is true, it doesn’t mean that they don’t still need some TLC. Brush their coat weekly, and address dry patches of skin by applying olive or coconut oil. Ask AllDogs about our skin-soothing dog shampoo for your dog’s next grooming visit.

Enjoy Outside

We get it. It’s cold during the winter! But, going outdoors on a sunny winter day isn’t so bad if you dress appropriately. Plus, once you get moving, you will warm up in no time. If your dog has a short-haired coat, consider adding some extra warmth by putting a sweater on them while outdoors.

Indoor Fun

On days when it just isn’t feasible to spend time outside, have fun indoors by playing tug of war with your pup, or bouncing a ball around the house. You could get creative and design an obstacle course that you and your pup could enjoy. The key is to incorporate play and exercise into your dog’s routine, even if it means spending that time indoors.

Daycare for Dogs in Morristown and Jefferson City

Whether indoors or out, be sure to provide your dog with routine play and exercise to maintain their health, and yours too! Plus, it keeps their energy levels in check to reduce chewing and poor behavior. If you aren’t able to give your fur baby as much time and attention this winter, we gladly will at AllDogs, one of Morristown’s most top-rated dog boarding facility. Whether you need to book your dog a stay for the day or a weekly schedule while you’re at work, we are here to help you. Learn more about our facility or to schedule a tour by calling our office at (865) 475-2225. We provide doggie daycamp and boarding services to Morristown and Jefferson City.