12 Days of Christmas–Dog Safety Series

12 dogs of christmas

12 dogs of christmasMorristown, TN

The Christmas season is upon us, which means decorations, special plants that are a hallmark of this time of year, lots and lots of food, and more! While Christmas generally means time spent with family and friends, your four-legged pet will be right there by your side through it all, which is why Morristown’s doggie daycare, AllDogs Canine Care Center, wants you to know how to keep your dog safe this Christmas. We’ve got 12 days of safety tips for you to keep in mind.

1st Day of Christmas

Tinsel – This ever-popular holiday decoration adorns Christmas trees. It is in the form of shiny, strips of foil such as ice sickles or garland that is draped over Christmas tree branches to add sparkle and shine. It can be dangerous for your dog if he gets a hold of tinsel and ingests any, which could lead to a digestive obstruction.

2nd Day of Christmas

Fruitcake – It wouldn’t be Christmas without your great aunt’s fruitcake! Either you love fruitcake, or you don’t, so whether it ends up sitting out for everyone to enjoy, or winds up in the trash, be sure that your furbaby doesn’t get any. The raisins and currants contain toxins that could damage the kidneys.

3rd Day of Christmas

Mistletoe – Be sure to hang your mistletoe up high and out of reach from your pet. Ingesting a small amount could cause an upset tummy, while larger amounts could lead to heart rate and rhythm problems or neurological issues.

4th Day of Christmas

Batteries – With Christmas presents galore, batteries will be plenty this holiday season. Ingesting one could be hazardous for your dog, which could lead to esophageal burns!

5th Day of Christmas

Leftovers – While you may want to spoil your dog with some ham or turkey, avoid giving your dog any bones as they could become lodged in their digestive system or pose a choking hazard.

6th Day of Christmas

Ornaments – Broken ornaments could be swallowed by your dog. Be sure to keep ornaments properly attached to your tree’s branches, and clean up any broken pieces immediately before your dog has a chance to ingest any of the pieces.

7th Day of Christmas

Lights – This time of year lights are everywhere from the Christmas tree to outside on the house and lawn. Be sure that your dog doesn’t chew on any wires, which could cause a short or end up burning their mouth.

8th Day of Christmas

Chocolate – It’s fairly common for dog owners to know that chocolate is a no-no for dogs. It is toxic and could cause them harm, so keep chocolates or anything containing chocolate stored where pets cannot get into them. Avoid leaving candy jars sitting around that are easily accessible by your pets.

9th Day of Christmas

Wrapping bows and ribbons – These small items could be ingested by your dog, and cause digestive issues or a blockage. Plus, the strings could get wrapped around your dog’s neck. As everyone unwraps their gifts, have a garbage bag handy to discard wrappings.

10th Day of Christmas

Candles and liquid potpourri – Open flames and hot liquids should not be left around pets. Dogs can easily knock them over causing burns, stains on your flooring, or worse – a fire!

11th Day of Christmas

Cyclamen – This popular Christmas plant, if ingested, can cause drooling, upset tummy, and heart problems for pets. Keep them out of reach or better yet, don’t buy them at all.

12th Day of Christmas

Houseguests – Be sure that your dog is comfortable around your houseguests, and vice versa. If not, plan ahead and have a special place for your pet to go while company is visiting. Or, you can contact AllDogs Canine Care Center for boarding during the holiday.

Holiday Dog Boarding in Morristown

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