Keep your Dog Safe this Thanksgiving

keep dog safe this thanksgiving

keep dog safe this thanksgivingMorristown, TN

When Thanksgiving arrives, many of us gather with friends and family for a holiday feast. However, if you are a pet owner, nothing can ruin the fun like a trip to the emergency vet. Make sure your dog stays safe this Thanksgiving by following these tips, as compiled by AllDogs Canine Care Center.

Recognize and prevent exposing your dog to these Turkey Day threats

Plan on saving a few morsels of turkey for man’s best friend? Make sure you choose a portion that is boneless and fully cooked. Raw or undercooked turkey can contain salmonella bacteria, which can make your dog quite sick. Never give your dog a turkey leg or any parts of the carcass, as poultry bones easily can splinter and become choking hazards or lodge somewhere in the digestive tract.

Raw yeast bread dough is quite bad for pets. When your dog eats this dough, the yeast converts into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol. This literally can result in your pet becoming drunk, while also causing bloating that can be painful. This combination of effects easily could lead to hospitalization or a trip to the emergency vet. Raw cake batter and cookie batter also are dangerous if they contain raw eggs—another source of potential salmonella poisoning.

Do something special for your dog on Thanksgiving

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, this can be a stressful time for your dog with so many people in the house. Show your four-legged friend some TLC by presenting him or her with their own special feast. Consider getting a special-made chewing bone for your dog to enjoy while the humans feast. Or, add some Thanksgiving staples like boneless turkey, a few dribbles of gravy, and vegetables like sweet potato and green beans to their regular dinner that night. You also could stuff some of these Turkey Day goodies inside a chew toy, which will be sure to keep your pooch occupied throughout the feast. If you have a dog who gets anxious around new people, you may want to set them up in a quiet area of your home with their favorite blanket and toy so they can rest comfortably during the festivities.

Dog boarding in Jefferson City

AAA estimated that about 51 million Americans traveled for Thanksgiving in 2017. If you plan on heading out of town to celebrate Turkey Day this year and you live near Jefferson City and Morristown, AllDogs Canine Care Center invites you to board your dog at our professional dog care facility. Our boarding kennels include a private space featuring a raised hammock-style bed and a cozy blanket. We also staff our facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week—even during major holidays like Thanksgiving. To learn more about our services or come and tour our facility for yourself before choosing to board your dog, give us a call at (865) 475-2225.

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