Spring Safety Tips for your Dog

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When spring has sprung, our minds turn to gardening, spring cleaning, and home improvements. But your furry family members, noticing the much longer days and more pleasant weather, just want to spend more time playing outdoors and basking in the sun … and maybe snacking on your children’s candy. Today, our doggie daycare experts at AllDogs Canine Care Center talk about the dangers to look for as we usher in the season that calls us back outdoors after a long “winter’s nap.”

Kids Treats

Chocolate is a popular kids candy that is toxic — and possibly lethal — to dogs. Even if your dog doesn’t ingest enough to be fatal, chocolate can cause a serious medical emergency depending on your dog’s weight and the amount and type of chocolate consumed. Xylitol, also toxic to dogs, is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is sometimes used as a sweetener in candies and chewing gum. Keep these items out of your furry family member’s reach. Our doggie daycare specialists in Johnson City also suggest that in addition to candy, you keep your pup away from items that may cause gastrointestinal obstructions, like candy wrappers and small toys.

Spare the sticks

At our Morristown dog care facility, we understand that people are conditioned to believe that playing fetch with sticks is a fun pastime for dogs. It may be fun, but it can also be dangerous. No different than a child, dogs run the risk of being impaled if playing or running with a sharp stick. Sticks and their splinters can also cause tooth damage — including fractures and worn-down teeth — for your dog, and they can easily become lodged in your dog’s throat or mouth. Swallowing splinters can also cause severe internal damage as your dog’s body tries to digest the object. The safest bet is to spend some time this spring cleaning up sticks that have fallen during winter and continue this habit through spring and summer when thunderstorms will result in limbs and sticks falling from trees.

Spring cleaning and home improvement

It’s that time of year when everything in nature is waking up from winter, and that usually signals a time for us to open the windows, clean clutter and dirt from our homes, and start on outdoor projects that have been waiting for warmer weather. Our doggy daycare pros in Johnson City caution that cleaning chemicals, even natural ones, contain chemicals that are harmful to pets. Products commonly used in home improvement projects — paints, mineral spirits, and solvents, for instance — can also be toxic to your pets and cause chemical burns or several skin irritations. In addition to chemical dangers, be cautious of possible physical hazards around your home. Keep your pooch away from nails, staples, insulation, blades, and power tools.

Seasonal allergies

Just like us, dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies, and spring is prime time for sniffling and sneezing. Pay particular attention to your pet’s body language once allergens are blooming in spring. Allergies may result in something as simple as your dog being itchy or as life-threatening as anaphylactic shock in response to an insect bite or sting. If you notice your dog itching, licking, sneezing, or sniffling more than usual, talk to your veterinarian about ways to help soothe your doggie’s seasonal allergies.

Flea/Tick prevention

It just so happens that one of the prettiest seasons of the year also ushers in the most aggravating bugs. Our Morristown dog care specialists recommend you keep your dog on year-round flea and tick preventative to protect your pooch against fleas, ticks, and Heartworm disease.

Update pet tags and info

Warmer weather means longer walks and more trips to the park, presenting more opportunities for your pet to wander off. Now is the time to make sure your dog is microchipped and all your contact information is updated. Even with a microchip, be sure your dog wears a collar with a tag imprinted with your current contact information.

Dog Boarding in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

The spring season ushers in sunshine, warmth, and certain dangers for your doggie. Most of these potential hazards can be avoided with prevention and just keeping a close eye on your furry family member. If you’re planning to host friends or family this season, it may be best and less stressful to board your pooch at our dog care facilities in Johnson City and Morristown. To book your dog’s stay, call AllDogs Canine Care Center at (865) 262-8310, or contact us online for more information.