What to look for when choosing a Dog Spa in Morristown

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choosing dog groomerMorristown, TN

Choosing the best dog spa for your furry family friend can be a challenge. Finding the best service, best price, and best experience for your pet is crucial for their health and your sanity. Not knowing how to tell if a dog spa is a good fit can leave you with a stressed pet and an empty wallet. AllDogs Canine Care Center shares what to look for when choosing a top-rated dog spa in Morristown.


As you enter the building for the first time, check out the business’s credentials and certifications from other programs or institutions. If nothing is visible about the staff’s education or experience, ask the manager about the staff’s knowledge and expertise. Your experienced dog spa staff in Morristown at AllDogs recommends inquiring about the groomer’s experience who will wash, trim, and brush your pet.


Cleanliness should play a significant role in your decision making when choosing a dog spa. Look around the resort to investigate the cleanliness of the facility from the ceiling to the floor. Also, notice if any foul odors could signify a lack of cleaning. To ensure the facility does not have a flea infestation, you could wear white tennis shoes and white socks to tell if fleas are jumping on you. If fleas are present, leave the building immediately and continue searching for another groomer.


As a pet owner, it is your obligation and right to ask the dog spa if they require all dogs to have up to date vaccinations for rabies, kennel cough, and DHLPP. If there is no such requirement, be cautious about leaving your furry pal at that groomer. At AllDogs, we care for our furry visitors and work to keep each customer safe. Therefore, vaccinations are required for pets who are getting groomed or for those staying the night.

Behavior Complications

Some dogs are more sensitive about the grooming process than others. Sometimes their anxiety is caused by the owner watching them get groomed or experiencing a traumatizing situation at a previous groomer. No matter the reason for the behavior, when bad behavior occurs, the handling of the dog is important to know when leaving your pal in the hands of someone else. The highly-trained dog spa staff in Morristown at AllDogs are knowledgeable about effective techniques to calmly address the situation with the best possible outcome for the staff member and your beloved pet.

Dog Spa in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Finding a quality groomer can be a challenge. However, listening to your instincts as a pet owner and following the above advice can help you find a forever groomer. If you have questions about the grooming process or would like to schedule a pawsome grooming appointment, feel free to call your leading Morristown dog spa, AllDogs at (865) 475-2225, or book your pooch some pampering today.