Why Doodle Breeds need Monthly Grooming

grooming doodle breeds

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Doodle breeds are rising in popularity. However, specific care requirements are necessary to ensure a long healthy life, whether you have a Goldendoodle, bernedoodle, Labradoodle, Aussiedoodle, or any other breed mixed with a poodle. Unfortunately, owners frequently don’t receive quality information regarding proper care for doodle breeds. Therefore, our Morristown dog groomers at AllDogs Canine Care Center share on the blog today why doodle breeds need monthly grooming so that you can provide your furry family member with the proper care they deserve.

Dealing with Fluff

The lack of information about doodle breed care frustrates groomers across the globe. Unfortunately, owners may opt to shave their doodles because of matted or unruly hair. Our dog groomers in Jefferson City explain that doodle breeds require daily maintenance at home, including brushing and combing daily with a slicker brush and metal greyhound comb. While grooming your doodle, you should be able to comb their hair from the root to the ends of the fur without snagging or stopping. Therefore, begin with the slicker brush to break up knots and finish the grooming process with the comb. Since most doodles are not purebred, you may choose a doodle with a thin and easily manageable coat. However, most pet owners should approach doodle ownership expecting thick coats that can be challenging to groom.

Although daily brushing and combing is necessary to keep your doodles hair under control, our Morristown doodle groomers advise doodle owners to avoid bathing their pups at home. Unfortunately, bathing your dog without the necessary tools could lead to hair matting. In addition, dogs with long hair coats must be blow-dried completely and brushed out, or their fur will begin to mat quickly. Doodles bathed at home, towel-dried, and left to air dry may experience hair matting close to the skin, even though the topcoat appears brushed and combed.

How often should you groom your doodle?

Doodle dog owners who wish to maintain a long and fluffy coat should schedule an appointment with our AllDogs Paw Spa every four to six weeks, in addition to daily home care. Our experienced dog groomers in Jefferson City explain that your furbaby can receive a full haircut or a trim when you maintain your dog’s coat. Even though doodle baths and grooming sessions can add up in cost, many factors contribute to the price. For example, your dog’s coat type, the coat’s condition, your doodle’s behavior while grooming, and how much time spent providing the service are all factors that could increase your poodle’s grooming cost. In most cases, groomers pre-establish a price for each breed but may raise prices for more complex grooming cases. The cost of grooming a doodle or any dog that requires grooming should be factored into the overall cost of dog ownership.

Avoiding daily care practices and grooming techniques can create health concerns for your doodle. Although your dog’s hair may appear smooth and fluffy on the outside, it can get matted closer to the skin and become extremely painful for your pet. In some cases, groomers remove the matted hair in sheets and may uncover hematomas, bruising, and skin infections. However, our professional dog groomers in Morristown advise doodle owners that matted hair pain is avoidable when you practice daily care and proper grooming techniques.

Puppy Doodle Grooming

Doodle puppies that receive early grooming around eight weeks of age typically illustrate better behavior when receiving grooming services because they are used to humans touching them. A routine puppy doodle grooming appointment includes an ear cleaning, nail clipping, a bath, and a hair trim around their paws, face, and private areas. Our Jefferson City dog groomers recommend scheduling four to six-week grooming appointments to keep your doodle’s hair in excellent shape.

Dog Grooming in Jefferson City and Morristown, Tennessee

Caring for doodle breeds requires daily commitment and regular grooming sessions to keep them happy and healthy. At our Morristown dog grooming facility, we encourage pet owners to talk with their groomers, learn from their experience and teaching, and take your fur baby to see them often. If your poodle or other dog breed looks scruffy and in need of grooming, feel free to call AllDogs at (865) 475-2225 or book a grooming appointment online now.