4 Tips to Calm a Hyper Dog

calm hyper dog

calm hyper dogMorristown, TN

Are you having problems with an overly excited dog? We hate to break it to you, but if your dog is often hyperactive, that means he or she probably isn’t getting enough stimulation. In short, your dog is bored. AllDogs Canine Care Center wants to help. Here are some tips you can use at home to calm down your hyper pooch.

Tip 1) Ignore the behavior

When your dog is acting up or exhibiting negative behavior, they’re usually doing it because they want your attention. When you respond to their outburst, you’re reinforcing the negative behavior. If your dog jumps or nips at you, walk away. Don’t touch your dog, talk to him or her, or make eye contact. This sends the message to the dog that their behavior didn’t work.

Tip 2) Give your dog a job

Certain breeds of dog are bred to be working dogs. Give your dog a task, and this can allow a healthy and productive channel for all that energy. If your dog is hyper on walks, for example, fit him or her with a backpack carrying a few extra pounds. Your dog will be too focused on the job of carrying to make mischief getting into shenanigans or chasing squirrels.

Tip 3) Did we mention walks?

Just like exercise can be a great healthy outlet for you, a vigorous walk can be great for your dog—especially an energetic dog. After you’ve burned off that extra energy, your dog will be happy and probably too exhausted to be hyper. Remember, a great dog is a tired dog.

Tip 4) Manage your own emotions

You spend a lot of time with your dog, and your four-legged friend is going to reflect your own mood and energy. Are you calm and assertive in your home? Do you project yourself as a confident pack leader? Are you easily stressed, or often nervous and anxious? If you’re nervous, this can be translated into nervous energy for your dog. Stay conscious of your own energy to help your dog manage their emotions and mood.

Helping calm your hyper dog in Morristown

At AllDogs Canine Care Center, we offer several ways to manage a dg who has too much energy. Our training program offers several opportunities depending on your budget and schedule. We offer private lessons where our trainer comes to you and works one-on-one with your dog in the comfort of your own home. We also offer a Basic Obedience course, which consists of six weekly one-hour sessions.

If you’re looking for a way for your dog to have a healthy outlet for that energy, consider our Play camp program. Drop your dog off in the morning for a day full of tail-wagging good times in pack play with the other dogs under our care. We arrange our pack playgroups based on the size and temperament of the dogs.

To find out more about our training program or Play camp program or any of the other services we provide, give us a call at (865) 475-2225.

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