5 Reasons your Dog Eats Grass

Morristown, TN You’ve probably noticed your dog eating grass at some point. It’s a common behavior but may leave you wondering why dogs eat grass and if it is safe for them. So today on the blog, we share five reasons your dog eats grass so that you’ll know if it is nothing to worry about or warrants a trip … Read More

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Car

Morristown, TN From time to time, it may be necessary to take a pet for a ride in the car. Depending on what sort of pet this is, some are completely unfazed, such as fish (provided they stay in their bowl!), lizards, guinea pigs, etc. Others – such as dogs and cats – may have a much different reaction, whether … Read More

At What Age should you Start Grooming your Dog?

Morristown, TN Pampering, both professionally and routinely at home between grooming appointments, is a practice your pooch will need for a lifetime. It’s best to introduce them early — as young as 12 weeks old — to the sights, sounds, and sensations of being groomed. Long-haired dogs and doodle breeds can start even earlier, around 8 weeks old. Grooming includes … Read More

Spring Safety Tips for your Dog

Morristown, TN When spring has sprung, our minds turn to gardening, spring cleaning, and home improvements. But your furry family members, noticing the much longer days and more pleasant weather, just want to spend more time playing outdoors and basking in the sun … and maybe snacking on your children’s candy. Today, our doggie daycare experts at AllDogs Canine Care … Read More

Tips on keeping your Dog Calm during July 4th Fireworks

keep dogs calm

Morristown, TN No matter where you live in the United States, fireworks are a Fourth and July tradition. One of the high points of your Independence Day celebration can be a very stressful experience for your dog. The Fourth of July is one of the most notorious days in the entire calendar year for runaway dogs. AllDogs Canine Care Center … Read More

12 Days of Christmas–Dog Safety Series

12 dogs of christmas

Morristown, TN The Christmas season is upon us, which means decorations, special plants that are a hallmark of this time of year, lots and lots of food, and more! While Christmas generally means time spent with family and friends, your four-legged pet will be right there by your side through it all, which is why Morristown’s doggie daycare, AllDogs Canine … Read More

Keep your Dog Safe this Thanksgiving

keep dog safe this thanksgiving

Morristown, TN When Thanksgiving arrives, many of us gather with friends and family for a holiday feast. However, if you are a pet owner, nothing can ruin the fun like a trip to the emergency vet. Make sure your dog stays safe this Thanksgiving by following these tips, as compiled by AllDogs Canine Care Center. Recognize and prevent exposing your … Read More

Halloween Safety Tips for your Dog

dog halloween safey tips

Morristown, TN On Halloween night, most of us love to be spooked, but you want to avoid a scary situation for your dog. Your compassionate pet professionals at AllDogs Canine Care Center want to suggest taking these precautions to keep your dog safe this Halloween. Keep all candy accounted for: Chocolate in any form is dangerous and potentially deadly for … Read More